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We are a community-focused FiveM roleplay server! Our goal is to create a beginner-friendly environment, so that anyone, a FiveM veteran or someone completely new to RP, will feel welcome. We are looking for new members, civilian or law enforcement!

We are heavily focused on creating a tight-knit community where everybody can enjoy the RP experience, rather than being bogged down by server politics or drama.

We also love to listen to our community, and are always open to new ideas anyone has to improve things. We have very active developers who regularly ask for feedback on new features or ideas to implement.

What do we offer?

▸ 500+ Custom Cars!
▸ Custom Clothes and EUP!
▸ Custom Buildings and Interiors!
▸ A Friendly, Drama-Free Community!


▸ Los Santos Police Department
▸ Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
▸ San Andreas State Troopers
▸ San Andreas Fire and Rescue

Department Subdivisions Include:
▸ Speed Enforcement Unit
▸ Marine Patrol Unit
▸ Motorbike Patrol Unit
▸ K9 Unit
▸ S.W.A.T

Thanks for checking us out!


Staff Application

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Application
Los Santos Police Department Application
San Andreas State Troopers Application

Bump! We are almost ready to launch. Get in while there’s still positions open! Happy Holidays all.

One more bump, we’ve added links for law enforcement and staff applications!

First bump of the new year! We’ve grown quite a bit since our initial post here. Check out our Discord for a full list of new features! :slight_smile: