This already exists out of the box with templates for vanilla and popular frameworks.

The objectives of TXADMIN and my project share different goals.

TXADMIN is primarily used for server management, which is much more complex than what my service offers.

My project is solely about server generation and nothing more. The user is responsible for configuring their server without using the tool.

The tool’s main purpose is to save time, not to manage the server through tools.

txAdmin already does server generation though, txAdmin has recipes for setting up your server and everything.

Everything in your “What I Aim to Offer” is already provided by txAdmin.

Again, same answer. :sweat_smile:

Txadmin and AutomateFivemProject don’t share the same objective. While Txadmin does handle server generation, have you taken a look at the steps it entails compared to AutomateFivemProject?

Txadmin does much more than just server generation; it forms the foundation for running your server, providing essential tools.

Imagine that your goal isn’t merely to have an admin panel but just to generate your server a quick way and then customize it according to your preferences.

The way Txadmin organizes your files can be a bit scattered and intimidating for beginners, whereas here, you know what you’re doing: simply generate your server, and the rest is up to you.

Quick Project update:
New UI with a modern look.

Added a field to enter the license key for proper server startup.
Added a selector to choose the version of artifacts.
You will have the option to select the latest posted version or the recommended version

preview :

Interesting project and discussion here is going. @Super_Cool_Ninja here is my idea for application:

  • Add an option to setup server without license key (from development side it requires removing line svadhessive from server file components.json).

Hey @draobrehtom, Thank you for your feedback!

I can certainly do that,
but I’m not sure if it would be accepted by the CFX Team.
Additionally, could you please explain why you want to bypass the keymaster?

Not often, but sometimes FiveM services are not available and it blocks me from starting a server.

Ah, indeed,
that can be quite unsettling.

Well, If CFX TEAM sees no problem with it,
I will add a new option to launch the server locally,
something like a checkbox to enable running it without requiring a license.

:eye_in_speech_bubble: Quick Update !

You can now generate your vanilla server without the need for a license key.

Please keep in mind that this application is not designed to start your server but only to generate your server files.

Therefore, if you need to reintroduce the ‘svadhessive’ keyword, you will need to do it yourself or rebuild your server without enabling the bypass mode.

Waiting to see more feedback before a release. :eyes:

The next step is going to involve some refactoring and optimization.

Small Update

Now, generate a .bat launcher that simplifies running your server. You can start the .bat file by double-clicking it or through the terminal, such as in VSCode.

The next step involves implementing launcher options. This way, when starting your server, you can incorporate various settings, such as modifying the game build, defining the project name, and utilizing other commands accessible here: Server Commands - Cfx.re Docs

Be aware that the initial startup might take a few minutes, as it needs to load modules and download dependencies. However, subsequent starts will be much faster, as everything will be cached also Please note that the application is solely designed for server generation and not for starting the server within the application itself.



I have develop a little tool to help me to setup a FiveM server too, and one of features I have added is to update the actual artefact of your server.

Your tool will be only an installer or do you want to improve it with other features?


I would really appreciate it if you could remove the “wait approval” process. Every time I need to answer a question or post my announcement, I encounter this wait. Could you please remove it? Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback.

Actually, the project’s main focus is to generate your server.

I plan to add features such as the ability to change the server’s title, description, and project name, along with options for the launcher, making it easier for users to set up the server. If you’d like, you can build upon this project to add additional features.

The project will be open source and will use Electron as a full JavaScript environment.

That’s really frustrating, @moderator, and I’m not sure who to contact to have this removed.

Yesterday, I posted one, and it got deleted. Now, it’s happening again. What is going on?
It is possible to remove me the wait approval.

Thanks You.

Big Update

New completely redesigned the UI to make it more modern and smoother, and the refactoring is also complete.

The project is now prepared to integrate new features related to server configuration, such as launcher options, server title, description, and project name, which will be added in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned!

Quick Update

You can now easily change the title, project name, and project description of your server using the server generator application.

The next step will be to add launcher options.

Preview :


You can now set options for the launcher.
To add an option, you only need to specify each option with a leading ‘+’ character.
For example, it should look like this:
+sv_endpointPrivacy true .
You add multiple options by adding space.

Preiew :

Project Now released !

You can found out the project here :