Shoreline City Roleplay | New server | Whitelisted | 16+ | Serious roleplay | Own any business | Custom Cars | EUP 9.4 | Sever Sided Sirens and Lights | NON ESX Vmenu | Sonoran Cad | Sonoran Radio | Police/Fire/EMS/Dispatch/Tow all hiring now!

Welcome to Shoreline City Roleplay,

Shoreline City is a new custom roleplay server with custom MLOs, Custom cars, and lots of very unique scripts. We are a Vmenu based server!

let me start out by saying we are not hiring department heads or admins at this time, but do have several high ranking PD, Fire and DOT positions available

Our mission at SLCRP is to provide you with a friendly, professional, and realistic roleplay experience, we are a smaller server but growing quickly so please get in on the action sooner rather than later! we offer custom cars, Buildings and clothing ( we utilize the 9.4 EUP system). our server utilizes Sonoran CAD along with a ton of Sonoran CAD integrations such as digital street signs, 911 systems and much much more. Simply Join our discord, read the Rules & Regs tab, and react to the bot on that page and you will be whitelisted.



  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • Los Santos/Blaine County Sheriffs Department
  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue
  • San Andreas Prison Transport
  • Communications/Dispatch
  • Corners office
  • Several Security offices
  • SA DOT

Discord - Discord


omg!!! i love this server

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is your server streamer friendly!

Absolutely we have several streamers within our community!