๐Ÿ›’ Shops Creator [ESX/QBCore] - Easily create in-game admin and players owned shops

Enjoy the script :wink:

Is it possible to make discord logs to see who is selling what in the player shops, just like it is with admin shops, it would be good if you could see who is selling or buying what in which player shop.

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could add before buy shop function or boughtItem function

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Suggestion: Adding buttons for two payment methods such as card and cash โ€ฆ would be brilliant.


Suggestion: Hours of the doors instead of being real time, being able to set to game time



Add a option that allows you to organize items that are in the shop, since unfortunately it is now the case that when you offer something for sale, you always add it at the end.

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Hello back

Iโ€™ll add a few suggestions for improvement
and leave the suggestions that I still have open :slight_smile:

โ–บ Buy without an owner from a player store
โ–บ The possibility of buying an admin shop.
โ–บ Selection of prop or NPC as interaction point
โ–บ Buy & sell option with % deduction when selling
โ–บ Optional images in the โ€œfor saleโ€ view


Add a log to discord, when the Price has autaticly change (after the 15 minutes price change for expample) that lists all the Items from Adminshops and give info of the new prices (also show the rise and fall of the latest update)

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HI I have a problem with shops_crator when I want to put an item for sale I get this error message, the script has already been updated and my inventory is qs-inventory ESX
this only works when my inventory is empty
Capture d'รฉcran 2024-04-25 204009

hi, add ped for management

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and marker please

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Hi, marker is already shown if you donโ€™t use any targeting script

with the target it has no ped for management