🛒 Shops Creator [ESX/QBCore] - Easily create in-game admin and players owned shops

Best shop system out there. Would be nice to have a option to shops only open when for example 4 mechanics online

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Any chance we can get option to limit per item? Like i want to have a gun store but i dont want all items to required a Gun License. 1 Shop i sell Gun and a Bat, i only want to require Gun License for the Gun.

Also would be nice if the Buying and Selling Items had 2 different tabs on top, one where you can click Purchase Items on top other that says Sell Items so it will separate the 2. Or even add it as a option in the top Filters.

Hi there,
Is it possible to listen to the purchase event on the shops with their ID in order to use the integrations to add functionality when it concerns the shop ID I want.
I’ve looked in the documentation, but I’d like to know if it’s possible to listen to this event.
If not, is it possible to suggest it as a feature?
Thanks in advance.

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Shops Creator 2.1

  • Added qb-banking integration
  • Some minor improvements

Hi @Jacksam !
I am very thankfull to have you in our FiveM Community - your scripts are just awsome! But. Could you please add to the players shop that the players could “set a license” to buy a item / weapon. If i have an Weapon Shop and want to check if the Customer has a license for my products… that would be awsome to get it pached in the new Update! Thank you so much!

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Would also be cool, to buy licenses in shops :smiley:

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Would be cool too see both types cash and card supported instead of one or the other unless this can be done somehow if not would be a nice update i wanna take jim shops out and make this my main shops creator!

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I wanted to share one of the recent feedbacks for jaksam’s scripts

I love the Support because there are very fast in answering.
Support Rating
:star::star::star::star::star: (5/5)
Script Rating
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Thank you for the kind words!

It would be great if players could choose whether to pay by card or cash.

System :star::star::star::star::star: (5/5)

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Hello everyone Simple system that is easy to integrate.

2 things I would still find quite nice.

1st - When creating a store an RGB tab with which you can set the header of the market in color. As an example pharmacy red font, electronics market yellow font etc…

2nd - That there is a tab under the articles with + and - with which you can determine the quantity and a list of the shopping cart.

Would be cool to see ox_inventory as an option for the shop creator besides that its an amazing script

Considering making the filters on shops only show if the shop has any of those items affected by the filter.

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This would be the perfect script for me if there was actually a way to make payments with any item instead of using money

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I updated the post with all my other resources links :wink:

Maybe add to shop creator spawns ped

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Isn’t there already?

Great script! Would be nice to able to set schedule to doors of the establishment

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is it absolutely necessary to use your DOOR SCRIPT or can any other be used? If not, the script would be fantastic but for 140€ completely over the top :wink: @jaksam1074 I already have the job creator script and found it excellent

Hello, without doors creator script you can use all features except the door related one

Perfect! thx @jaksam1074 we ve a new deal :wink: ve a nice day

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