🛒 Shops Creator [ESX/QBCore] - Easily create in-game admin and players owned shops

It would be nice if it was possible with the shops creator script to only open the shop at certain days of the week. For example a shop is only opened sundays between certain time slots.

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Nice Script - but missing an Important feature!
Admin with ace perm. cant look inside player owned Shops! This is a Problem for Roleplay Servers.
Maybe it is possible to update, that an admin can acces every player owned shop, like the owner or creator of the shop.

Then we will have 10/10 Stars

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Do you have the ability to create shops that are restricted to license type? Let’s say hunting license for a hunting shop?

Yes, admins shops have the feature to require a license

Shops Creator 1.6

  • Fixed bug with qs-inventory in QBCore
  • Fixed bug with OX inventory related to black money in QBCore
  • Added new possible restriction for admin shops, it can now require the player to be an employee of a player owned shop (useful for shop owners to buy items for cheaper price)

Hey @jaksam1074
I come with a few suggestions we have collected over time

  • Player can buy Items although a Owner in Owned Shops
  • Show only the categories from the available items for a cleaner view

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A question: Why should an admin be able
to look into a player owned shop if the admin is already able to provide a black- or whitelist for the shop?

Technically you can define the items a player can sell and he can’t bypass it.

I noticed in the weapon stores metadata doesnt hold. For example if I have a used pistol I want to put up for sell (Ox Inv) when it goes into the shop it changes the serial number and has 100% durability


The answer is quite simple. Through the Shopcreator, we can also give the store management to a “player” within the framework of our RP server, who in turn has to fulfill certain tasks.

Since we have a lot of items, we do not want to make a blacklist as such, but that the administrator can simply look into the stores.

Shops Creator

  • can you please add an event to integrate triggers that add bank transactions ?

I have a shop thats a public shop and sells goes to a society account, the money is being added to the account perfectly

I use for bank the okokBanking that has an trigger to add the transaction (TriggerEvent(‘okokBanking:AddNewTransaction’, receiver_name, receiver_identifier, sender_name, sender_identifier, value, reason)) in the bank history

I’m unable to integrate this 2 resources using this trigger because there’s no function to integrate it, it would be great if this is available


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Posting suggestions again:

*A seperate buy/sell tab in player shops as it’s hard to tell what’s for sale or what’s being bought with just a yellow boarder.

*Ability to move items around in the shop so you can re-arrange it in the ui instead of it being stuck in the order you put it into the shop

*Ability to search with a search bar for certain items if the shop has a lot of inventory

Shops Creator 1.9

  • Now each ped in admin shops can have its own heading

Note: it’s suggested to do a database/script backup, then you can use the new server console command upgrade_peds_in_shops to convert the old shops

Shops Creator 1.9.1

  • Solved that after using /setjob, the shops didn’t refresh

I love the scripts produced by Jaksam and have been using the shop’s creator since its release.

I would love to see full support for ox_inventory, i.e. for the script to read ox_inventory’s items.lua and weapons.lua as opposed to just qb-core’s. Although it still works, it just means that the server-side console is spammed indicating missing items.

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Add a way to make players have to have a certain license to buy from a shop menu. For example… i made a gun store job with jobs creator and attached shops creator so they can stock a menu and players can buy from the menu. I want it to restrict them from buying a gun without a weapons license.

Shops Creator 1.10

  • Removed qs-inventory integration since now that script works with standard ESX.Items table, as es_extended always intended to do