Shield mod

Is there are a way to get the shield mod ( to work?
When I spawn it in FiveReborn it doesn’t show the shield… Is there a way to fix it? (It does show the aiming animation but, it doesn’t show the shield itself.

Thanks on advance


@nietnick yes i think so, place the ‘‘Shieldmod.dll’’ in your fivereborn plugins folder and the ‘‘Shieldmod.ini’’ in your gta v folder.

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I know, I got it wokring in FiveReborn so the mod itself works but the shield doesn’t spawn.

@nietnick WIP models wont workk…

@匚яαzγ_廾ατεя What do you mean with W.I.P models?..

EDIT**: I think it has to do with spawning the object…

@nietnick absolutely… tho that mod doesn’t has any models… but .net is not made for online mode… .its not compatible to load models.

nor animations it doesnt work i tried also unless you physically make a model for it and then recode the code to call for it

@GanjaMonster no, my Hulk mod v works perfect. with animations … in a roleplay server… i was easily able to throw cars\stuff to cops x’D