🌀 Shatter Roleplay | vMenu | Looking for another Owner & Admin

We are still in early development so things may change.
We are currently working on fixing our old Server Documents + Cad/MDT.

What in the world is Shatter Roleplay?
We are a vMenu based FiveM server. Our Departments are based on regular GTA 5.
As of right now, we have two departments open (BCSO + Civilian). More Coming Soon!
We do not allow client scripts on this server. There is no whitelist (Not even a Discord One).

A little bit about BCSO
Right now we have 10 cars for BCSO, from a Crown Vic to a Ford F150.
Our applications are now posted in our Discord (Found Below)

Server Teaser
This was a little teaser we put out before we released it.
We have a proper server trailer in the works.

To apply for a department all you need to have is a working computer with FiveM, Discord, and a working microphone.

Discord Link

I can help you i have ran past servers

join the discord then

ive been in the discord


Staff applications are now open. Type -new in the commands channel to apply in our discord!


Changed Forum Post Name.

We are now looking for someone to run SAHP and SAFD

Position Still Open!

SAHP Director still needed!

Updated Title