Shady Acres RP | 18+ | SERIOUS RP|

Shady Acres is a friendly and active roleplay community for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Join the discord to gain access to the server.

We are actively adding updates to the server every day!


We have the following to promote Realism and Quality of Life:


➼ 18+

➼ No Teamspeak

➼ Doctors

➼ Economy

➼ Crafting

➼ Hunger and Thirst

➼ Realistic Injuiries and Sickneses

➼ Housing

➼ Duel Wielding

➼ Trains

➼ Telegrams

➼ Drug Processing and Selling

➼ Hunting Birds

➼ Native Tribes

➼ Law Enforcement, Military, and Government

➼ Bounty Hunting

➼ Collect Herbs

➼ Ranching and Farming

➼ Fishing and Hunting

➼ Robberies and Hiests

➼ Gunsmithing and Blacksmithing

➼ Horse Taming and Training

➼ Pets including Pet Trainers and Vetranarians

➼ Mining and Goldpanning

➼ Lumberjacking

➼ Travel to Mexio and Guarma


Get your cowboy hats on and join in on the fun!

Hello, I dont know how to privately dm you on the website since i’ve never really used it. I got banned from the server for 3 days but then i got banned from the discord and my 3 days are up. How can i rejoin? Edit: I got banned from the discord without a reason given to me. Is there a way you can give me a reason please?.

You were banned for rule breaking and the server is now 18+ so you’re too young to be part of it

i see, have a good day