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Shadow Roleplay is a serious roleplay community with a focus of creating an environment that everyone will enjoy. We community driven and open to suggestions. We are a small and welcoming community that offers something for both new and experienced players! Our goal is to have a fun and create an immersive environment for everyone. We have an active development team that strives to create an amazing experience for everyone by constantly putting out updates and fixes. We have an experienced staff team that is always willing to help and are quick to help.

Our Best Features:

Player Owned Businesses:

  • Bean Machine
  • Burger Shot
  • UwU Cafe
  • Vanilla Unicorn
  • White Widow
  • Los Santos Tuners
  • Premium Deluxe Motors
  • Luxury Autos
  • …and so much more!

Join our discord and check out some pictures, clips, and teasers! When you are ready hit that connect button! Which life will you choose… Civilian? Law Enforcement? Medical Services? Or the gang life?


12/29/2022 UPDATE LOG

-COMPLETELY REWROTE JEWELRY STORE (2 Extra steps, A whole new room to loot)
-Added new EMS vehicles and a new helicopter for EMS
-Added Alta street garage and blip
-Added Alta apartments and blip
-Added new phone
-Added new loading screen video and song
-Added Gabz PDM
-You can now rob houses by YOURSELF or with a GROUP
-When you drop items it now shows a bag instead of an arrow

-Fixed some notifications that weren’t coming through due to the old phone
-Fixed store robberies
-Fixed error with car files
-Fixed spam in F8 console from mechanic job
-Updated invoice system with fixes
-Updated house robberies with some fixes
-Optimized and Organized some resources (For my sake)

-Removed pure mode (Keep in mind pvp packs or RPF files that give you advantage are against server rules)
-Removed Mile High Garage
-Removed Mile High apartment
-Removed Mile High shops
-Removed smartphone
-Removed some unneeded items and gangs

-Adjusted some shop prices
-Adjusted weather back to normal
-More car handling adjustments
-Moved vehicle rentals
-Moved PDM to the normal location
-Paycheck adjustments for some jobs
-Changed UI for banking and atms
-Changed UI for invoices

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1/9/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added a new progress bar

-Completely reworked
-You can fish with a fishing rod or net
-You can upgrade your fishing rods and nets (The higher level the better loot)
-Added legal and Illegal fish bait
-Added a shovel
-Added digging for seashells (Cuz why not)
-Added boat anchors
-Added a boat rental specifically for fishing
-Added an “icebox” (This is to stash your fish in after catching them!)
-Cook fish over a campfire (This food gives you a boost of some sort :wink:)
-Legal and Illegal fishing
-Level system for fishing rods and nets

-Made it so walk styles stick (Sticks through server restarts, You flying out and back in, After crouching, After going down and being revived)
-Fixed spelling error with “Fishingrod”

-Added more ranks to EMS job
-Adjusted a few car prices
-Adjusted a few item weights
-Adjusted City Hall UI
-Adjusted scenes UI
-Adjusted scoreboard UI
-Adjusted Multi-Character UI
-Adjusted Spawn Selector UI
-Changed impound blip

1/12/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added Bahama Mamas Interior
-Added Casino Interior
-Added lumber jack job
-Added camping
-Added skateboards
-Added Fish sell spot in Paleto Bay

-Added campfire (You can cook food over it)
-Added a cooler (This is like a portable stash)
-Added a tent (You can use use this for many things haha)
-Added yoga mats
-Added table and chairs

:cocktail:BAHAMA MAMAS:cocktail:
-Added drinks and food items specifically for Bahama Mamas
-Fully functional job
-Craft drinks and food
-Added dj booth
-Added drinks specific to Bahama Mamas
-Added Blip on the map

:wood:LUMBER JACK:wood:
-Added a number of trees to cut down (Yes they respawn)
-Added a store for the items
-Added a seller
-Break down logs into many different items
-Added an illegal crafting spot
-Added fake IDs, Fake Driver License, Fake Weapon License and Fake Lawyer cards
-Added fake cash items (Scammer!)

-Updated bank robberies with a few fixes
-Updated Graffiti with fixes
-Updated Invoice System with fixes
-Updated banking with fixes

-Adjusted crafting recipes
-Added more items to crafting
-Changed crafting UI
-Adjusted bank robbery loot
-Adjusted loading screen UI

1/19/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added discord allow-list
-Added some 18+ features
-Added the ability to play billiards/ pool (Optimized for Third Eye)
-Added the ability to play videos, movies, twitch streams and more on TV’s (A white dot will show up when you are close to the TV if it works!)
-Added casino features
-Added a new admin menu
-Added a new way to do reports (/newreport)
-Added anti combat log (So don’t even try)
-Added hookah club interior

-Added 1 new hairstyle for males
-Added 1 new chain for males

-Added interior
-Added lucky wheel (Once every 24 hrs)
-Added shop to trade for chips
-Added a bar where you can buy food or drinks from
-Made the food and drink items useable (Yes they work LOL)
-Added blackjack, inside track, roulette, slots, poker and many more games
-Added office elevator

-Fixed Hunting License
-Fixed players being invisible inside interiors

-Adjusted Yacht robbery
-Adjusted Union Depository robbery
-Adjusted your medical bill for Nancy and “seeing the light”
-Adjusted PD gun
-Adjusted trucking and delivery job

1/22/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added new phone
-Added dj booth in Hookah Lounge
-Added door locks for Hookah Lounge
-Added a ped for plastic surgeon

-Fixed scoreboard showing all illegal jobs available when no cops are on
-Fixed not being able to give other players your contact info
-Fixed not being able to jump or do aggressive actions in casino

-Adjusted fishing loot boxes
-Min cop requirement for Jewelry store
-Lumberjack adjusted to fit economy
-Buffed taxi job a bit

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Should work now. Sorry about that!

1/25/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added place to sell cans and bottles from mining
-Added a few things for real-estate
-Added the original phone back in for now
-Added NEW loading screen
-Added NEW loading screen music

-Fixed house robberies
-Updated essentials and minigames with fixes

-Adjusted hunting
-Adjusted how aggressive NPCs are
-Adjusted mining payouts
-Lowered prices for some mining items

1/30/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added hookah lounge job

:maple_leaf: HOOKAH LOUNGE :maple_leaf:
-Added doorlocks
-Added DJ booth
-Added a ton of new items
-Added heaters
-Added boss menu
-Added store with items

-Removed some unneeded inventory pics
-Fixed valet not giving keys
-Fixed seller for house robberies
-Fixed inventory not closing in cars
-Fixed police not getting Jewelry store calls

-Made it so mechanics don’t need materials on their person to do repairs (It pulls from the stash)
-Adjusted mini games for Jewelry store and Bank Trucks
-Adjusted jewelry seller to give cash instead of marked bills

2/2/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added Bean Machine Interior and Job
-Added Burger Shot Interior and Job
-Added door locks to Burger Shot
-Added UwU Café Interior and Job
-Added new Ammunation Interiors
-Added Bowling Interior
-Added second set of doors in hookah lounge (With door locks on them)

-Added Bowling
-Added a store in bowling
-You can bowl against your friends
-You can place in game money bets

-Updated Essentials with fixes
-Updated artifacts (Hopefully helps with timeout issues)
-Updated all interiors
-Made it so payment system can work with phone in the future
-Fixed clothing menu that admins can give
-Removed unneeded Bean Machine Blips
-Removed some unneeded door locks

-Adjusted how long it takes to get a job from house robbery guy
-Changed the weapon the peds have in tier 3 houses
-Removed Karuma from boosting
-Adjusted Ticket System for businesses
-Adjusted UwU Café recipes
-Adjusted ammunation shop blips and peds
-Small adjustment to house robberies