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Discord: Shadow Roleplay

Shadow Roleplay is a serious roleplay community with a focus of creating an environment that everyone will enjoy. We community driven and open to suggestions. We are a small and welcoming community that offers something for both new and experienced players! Our goal is to have a fun and create an immersive environment for everyone. We have an active development team that strives to create an amazing experience for everyone by constantly putting out updates and fixes. We have an experienced staff team that is always willing to help and are quick to help.

Our Best Features:

  • Stable Server Framework
  • Amazing Interiors
  • Serious Roleplay
  • Semi-Realistic Economy
  • Custom Clothing
  • Police Vehicles
  • Custom Liveries
  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Police MDT
  • Legal & Illegal Jobs
  • Unique Jobs
  • Hidden Illegal Activities
  • Robberies & Heists
  • Financing For Houses, Businesses, and Cars!
  • Experienced Development Team
  • Dedicated & Experienced Staff
  • …and a lot more!

Player Owned Businesses:

Join our discord and check out some pictures, clips, and teasers! When you are ready hit that connect button! Which life will you choose… Civilian? Law Enforcement? Medical Services? Or the gang life?


11/30/2022 UPDATE LOG

-Updated the phone with some new features
-Added dj booth to Cat Café
-Added clothing spot for Cat Café workers


-Fixed phone lag and more improvements to phone
-Fixed inventory opening if NUI is already focused
-Fixed ifaks and bandages restoring hunger and thirst
-Fixed ifaks and bandages resetting walk style
-Fixed WW employee store not having correct items
-Fixed crash issue by mining and prison
-Fixed inventory not closing when you use certain items
-Fixed an item that didn’t stack
-Fixed valet guy not giving keys to your car
-Optimized resources and removed unused resources


-Buffed weed selling
-Buffed Jewelry store
-Added more locals
-Adjusted mechanic job things
-Adjusted the shops a bit
-Adjusted joints from growing weed
-Adjusted joints and gummy effects from White Widow
-Adjusted a few item weights
-House Robbery adjustments
-Vineyard adjustments
-Cat Café recipe adjustments
-Loading screen small adjustment

12/4/2022 UPDATE LOG NEW

-Added Prison blip


-Fixed inconsistent vehicle deletion with /depot for police
-Fixed being able to see empty crafting table when third eyeing an object
-Fixed getting auto banned by jewelry store robbery
-Updated TX Admin with patches and fixes
-Temporary fix for white box at Mile High Apartments :)


-Converted banking and atms to third eye