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Discord: Shadow Roleplay

Shadow Roleplay is a serious roleplay community with a focus of creating an environment that everyone will enjoy. We community driven and open to suggestions. We are a small and welcoming community that offers something for both new and experienced players! Our goal is to have a fun and create an immersive environment for everyone. We have an active development team that strives to create an amazing experience for everyone by constantly putting out updates and fixes. We have an experienced staff team that is always willing to help and are quick to help.

Our Best Features:

  • Stable Server Framework
  • Amazing Interiors
  • Serious Roleplay
  • Semi-Realistic Economy
  • Custom Clothing
  • Police Vehicles
  • Custom Liveries
  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Police MDT
  • Legal & Illegal Jobs
  • Unique Jobs
  • Hidden Illegal Activities
  • Robberies & Heists
  • Financing For Houses, Businesses, and Cars!
  • Experienced Development Team
  • Dedicated & Experienced Staff
  • …and a lot more!

Player Owned Businesses:

Join our discord and check out some pictures, clips, and teasers! When you are ready hit that connect button! Which life will you choose… Civilian? Law Enforcement? Medical Services? Or the gang life?


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2/2/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added Bean Machine Interior and Job
-Added Burger Shot Interior and Job
-Added door locks to Burger Shot
-Added UwU Café Interior and Job
-Added new Ammunation Interiors
-Added Bowling Interior
-Added second set of doors in hookah lounge (With door locks on them)

-Added Bowling
-Added a store in bowling
-You can bowl against your friends
-You can place in game money bets

-Updated Essentials with fixes
-Updated artifacts (Hopefully helps with timeout issues)
-Updated all interiors
-Made it so payment system can work with phone in the future
-Fixed clothing menu that admins can give
-Removed unneeded Bean Machine Blips
-Removed some unneeded door locks

-Adjusted how long it takes to get a job from house robbery guy
-Changed the weapon the peds have in tier 3 houses
-Removed Karuma from boosting
-Adjusted Ticket System for businesses
-Adjusted UwU Café recipes
-Adjusted ammunation shop blips and peds
-Small adjustment to house robberies

2/7/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added Auto Exotics Interior
-Added shift logs for Police and EMS
-Added Police Motorcycle
-Added speed units for PD

:race_car:AUTO EXOTICS:race_car:
-Added Interior for dealership and mechanic shop
-Added fully functional mechanic job
-Added fully functional dealership that is ran by players
-Added door locks to each interior
-Added dj booth to auto exotics mechanic shop

-Fixed prison break dispatch alert
-Fixed Casino not having enough money
-Fixed House Garages not showing
-Fixed police charger flipping
-Fixed House blips showing for unsold houses
-Updated TV’s with some fixes
-Updated Pool Games with fixes
-Updated Graffiti Spray with fixes
-Updated Life Invader Robbery with fixes and optimized some code
-Updated FIB Robbery with fixes and optimized some code

-Adjusted PD charges to be color coded based on type of crime
-Adjusted dispatch codes to match 10 codes
-Adjusted MDT UI for LSPD
-Adjusted mining a bit
-Adjusted casino chip exchange rate
-Adjusted test drive time limit for all vehicle shops
-Adjusted staff members on loading screen
-Converted PD and EMS garages to third eye
-Moved motorcycles and bikes to Sanders

2/8/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added 31 new dance emotes
-Added new UI to menu

-Fixed PDM cars disappearing when swapping through vehicles
-Fixed LVL 5 Fishing Net not having an image
-Fixed missing image for hookah item
-Fixed YouTube and Music App
-Updated phone with some fixes
-Updated menu with some fixes

-Small adjustment to oxy runs
-Small adjustment to fishing
-Adjusted house robbery items
-Disabled house robbery buyer
-Added items to pawn shop
-Adjusted multi character UI and location

2/9/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added new loading screen music

:herb:QUALITY OF LIFE:herb:
-Fixed coffee showing water bottle
-Fixed casino coffee showing water bottle
-Fixed cola showing a water bottle
-Fixed casino cola showing water bottle

-Fixed boosting
-Fixed issues with pictures on phone not showing
-Updated all interiors with some fixes
-Updated phone with some more fixes
-Updated Jewelry Store Robbery with some fixes
-Fixed floating safe in the backroom of Jewelry store
-Updated Store Robbery with some fixes

-Buffed Jewelry store payout
-Moved PED at the jewelry store to inside the jewelry store
-Adjusted handling for PD Camaro and Mustang
-Adjusted staff member on loading screen
-Made it so driver can shoot again

2/11/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added DJ booth to Bowling Interior
-Added Hayes Autos Interior

:toolbox:HAYES AUTOS:toolbox:
-Added fully functional job
-Added Door locks
-Added cash register to charge customers
-Added job garage
-Added stash
-Added crafting and store
-Added boss menu and clock on duty spot
-Added a repair bench

:herb:QUALITY OF LIFE:herb:
-Snikkels and Twerks items now shows candy bars when you eat them
-Tosti now shows a sandwich instead of a burger
-Sandwich now shows a sandwich instead of a burger
-Fixed taking off clothes for males
-Fixed taking off clothes for females

-Fixed Coffee and Cola not fulfilling your thirst
-Fixed not being able to reach the safe in jewelry

-Removed Tuner shop
-Moved Casino garage
-Adjusted crafting recipes for mechanic jobs
-Adjusted store prices for mechanic jobs

2/14/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added two garages specifically for trucks

:herb:QUALITY OF LIFE:herb:
-Fixed health not saving for males and females
-Fixed armor not saving for males and females
-If you fly out down, you will fly back in down

-Updated Burger Shot job with some fixes
-Fixed not being able to store the trucks from trucking job
-Fixed not receiving any XP from doing trucking
-Fixed having to use a weapon twice sometimes to pull it out
-Fixed cars always locking even if you don’t lock the car
-Potential fix for timeouts and low fps
-Optimized items list

-Adjusted the amount of items you get from jewelry and houses
-Adjusted store robbery payout and timer
-Adjusted tucking and delivery jobs
-Adjusted a few item weights

2/15/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added player groups (You can set the key bind in your FiveM key binds!)
-Reworked Garbage Job
-Added Post OPs Job

:recycle:GARBAGE JOB:recycle:
-Completely reworked garbage job
-Added a ton of locations
-Blip now shows without having the job
-Optimized with more functions in third eye
-Trade in recycled materials for actual materials
-You can now do this job with your friends (Up to 4 people in 1 group)
-The more people you do it with the more money and materials you get

:truck:POST OPS:truck:
-Added new post ops job
-Added blips
-Added a ton of locations
-Optimized with more functions in third eye
-You can do this job with your friends (Up to 4 people in 1 group)
-The more people you do it with the more money you get

:herb:QUALITY OF LIFE:herb:
-You no longer eat a giant cup for some eatable items from UwU

-Removed Vineyard

-Changed UwU Café Blip Label and Blip Icon

2/22/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added some requested female clothes and bodies
-Added more interiors for houses (There’s a fuck ton. Talk to the realtor for more info)
-Added new loading screen music
-Added new 24/7 interiors
-Added Pizzeria interior
-Added Ottos interior
-Added door locks to ottos
-Added a car thief job
-Reworked Scrapyard

:pizza:PIZZA THIS:pizza:
-Added fully functional Pizza This Job
-Added Pizza This Interior
-Added door locks
-Added all new food items, emotes and props
-Added a ton of seats (You can third eye the seats and sit down)
-Converted to third eye for optimization

:red_car:CAR THIEF:red_car:
-Added npc you speak to
-Steal a car that the guy tells you to
-Receive money
-Added dispatch calls for this
-All optimized for third eye

-Added NPC to start job
-Added two NPCs to sell your materials to
-Scrap almost any car!
-Dismantle cars and receive materials
-Trade in materials for cash or keep them
-Use the toolbox and then third eye it to get more tools
-Use screwdriver to remove parts from car

-Made it so you can change your inventory and hot bar key binds in fivem settings
-Fixed sometimes getting stuck in ragdoll when you go down
-Fixed holsters for female cops not quick drawing
-Fixed missing item in weed shop
-Fixed Hayes autos boss menu?
-Fixed inventory getting stuck on screen
-Removed some dead code from a script
-Updated fishing with some fixes and translated to English

-Adjusted store robberies level system
-Adjusted the extras PD vehicles spawn with
-Lowered pillbox cost
-Removed last stand animation after you go down

2/23/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added a warehouse heist
-Added 4 Import Cars to Auto Exotics (Only a limited amount of each vehicle will be sold to start!)
-Added changing rooms to Auto Exotics and Pizza This
-Added 4 registers to hookah lounge (2 upstairs and 2 downstairs)

-Fixed not being able to clean cash rolls
-Fixed hookah lounge not having a way to charge people
-Made it so UwU Café and Vanilla Unicorn can now save outfits

-Adjusted some phone things
-Adjusted prices in mechanic shops
-Adjusted some crafting recipes for mechanics
-Adjusted warehouse heist
-Adjusted chance to receive item from trash searching
-Adjusted how rare some materials are
-Moved the Used Car Lot to Ottos for now
-Changed blip icons for Bowling and Pizza This
-Buffed scrapyard

2/25/23 UPDATE LOG

-Added new radio UI
-Added 2 Police SWAT vehicles
-Added new interior for clothing stores
-Added new interior for tattoo shops
-Added new interior for barber shops
-Added new apartment lobby

:sailboat:BOAT/CAR RENTALS:sailboat:
-Completely reworked these
-Combined into 1 resource for optimization purposes
-Added 2 car rental locations
-Added 1 boat rental location
-Made it so you receive your money back whenever you return a vehicle

-Fixed floating cars at Auto Exotics
-Fixed casino not having enough money to pay people
-Fixed liveries and neon’s not saving on cars
-Fixed Police not being able to pick up spikes
-Updated in game voice with fixes
-Updated growing weed with fixes

-Moved EMS clock on/off duty spot
-Moved Alta spawn to new apartments
-Moved apartments to new location
-Added clock in spot downstairs for Pizza This
-Added extra storage for Pizza This

3/1/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added new door locks to businesses, pillbox and MRPD
-Added 1 new emote
-Added new loading screen music
-Added new multi-character system
-Added new identity system to go with multi-character

:shirt:CLOTHING MENU:shirt:
-Changed the UI
-Made it so you can make outfit codes
-Share outfit codes with your friends
-Converted it from third eye to the F1 menu

-Completely reworked
-A clean new UI
-Have unlimited amount of jobs

-Redid the loading screen UI
-Can join the discord from the loading screen link
-Added the change log to it
-Added a video background
-Removed a good bit of unneeded code

-Optimized items
-Optimized oxy runs
-Optimized bobcat heist
-Optimized dispatch system
-Optimized target system
-Fixed bobcat heist dispatch calls
-Fixed oxy run exploit
-Fixed dependency for 2 resources
-Removed growing your own weed for the time being (I’m working on a fix for this)
-Removed weed items from trash search
-Removed unneeded resource

-Adjusted some car prices
-Adjusted some item weights
-Made it so the discord bot no longer shows how many players are in city
-Removed chat messages when you get wounded

3/4/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added new evidence system
-Made it so some weapons show on your back

-Added a new evidence system
-Bullet casing now show hot or cold
-Civs and Police can both pick up casings
-Police can collect up to 3 casings
-Civs can destroy evidence casings before police show up

-Fixed certain materials disappearing
-Reverted back to old multi-character
-Reverted clothing stores back to third eye

-Moved phone charging stations to new apartments
-Removed fishing zone notification


3/8/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added animated server banner
-Added animated connecting banner
-Added new Real Estate Interior
-Added door locks to Real Estate interior

-Fixed Life Invader Robbery
-Fixed FIB Robbery
-Fixed missing image for recyclable materials
-Updated UwU Cafe with some fixes and optimization
-Updated Vanilla Unicorn with some fixes and optimization
-Updated Pizza This with some fixes and optimization
-Updated DJ Booths with some fixes and optimization
-Optimized items and jobs
-Optimized some third code
-Removed Hookah lounge
-Removed problematic cars that disappeared in PDM
-Removed some problematic mechanic parts
-Added a place for pregnant women to have their babies
-Unlocked some doors that shouldn’t be locked

-Added some pd cars to the garage
-Adjusted ranks needed to pull out certain cars for PD
-Adjusted some handling on pd cars
-Adjusted the location of the gas tank on cars is
-Moved Real Estate Boss menu to new interior

3/13/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Added Ragdoll
-Reworked Garbage Job

:articulated_lorry:GARBAGE JOB :articulated_lorry:
-Reworked this entirely
-Its is now XP based (The more you do it, the more money you make)
-Talk to the NPC, Start the job
-Its requires you to collect 5 bags before returning
-All optimized to third eye

-Fixed Pizza This not being able to make pizza dough
-Fixed DJ booth props not appearing
-Fixed not being able to move when eating UwU and Pizza This food
-Fixed getting kicked for exploiting when handcuffing or escorting someone
-Fixed floating dancers in VU
-Fixed holster for a gun
-Made it so you can’t emote in cars

-Mining buffed
-Moved lap dance emotes into dances category
-Removed gold chains from pawnshop (Sold at the other spot only now)
-Some pdm car prices adjusted
-Made AFK timer longer so it doesn’t kick so soon

We are looking for a chief of police! Join the discord and make a ticket!

3/16/2023 UPDATE LOG

-Fixed not being able to fuel motorcycles
-Fixed FIB robbery
-Updated UwU cafe with some fixes
-Updated Pizza this with some fixes

-Mining adjusted
-Trash search adjusted