SetPedTurningThresholds native causing planes to bug out while flying

When using the SetPedTurningThresholds native if you hop inside a plane and attempt to fly it will start “bouncing” all over the place as seen in the clip below, this seems to happen with anything other than the default values but the below clip is with me setting the first parameter to -135 and the second to 135. Until a permanent fix is implemented I am currently using a workaround to avoid this by setting the peds turning threshold to their default values inside planes.

Client: Canary b3095
FXServer: b8139

Expected result:
The SetPedTurningThresholds native should not affect planes and instead should allow you to fly normally.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Use the following snippet:
    SetPedTurningThresholds(-135, 135)
  1. Spawn any plane.
  2. Attempt to fly the plane.