Serverside Weather/Time

Just wondering if anybody has experimented with having the ability to change the server-side time or weather. So changing either of these and having these changes apply to all members on the server. I have not found a way to do this using RCON commands, and you are able to change the weather with client-side trainers; but I have yet to find a way to change these for the server.


SetOverrideWeather(weatherType) - this enables the snow on ground :smiley:

Try these? But should be called by the server?


Sorry, this is not changing the weather for everyone on srv. No idea…

Those are client side natives. You should put them inside custom event handler and trigger it from the server for everyone.

@Tusticles Re: Serverside Weather/Time

Where can I find the different names of weathers to set? Xmas works fine. But what about storm and rain u know?