Servers not showing up on load up

Hi guys,
So I’m on a legit steam copy of GTAV and I’m on AMD GRAPHICS AND STUFF,
Ive then followed many videos on how to install Five M. I do all those steps correct then on start up/launch all there is is a blue screen with a background of the city and the Five M :fire: symbol but no option to sign up/log in or to join any servers. It’s literally just a blue screen with the background of the city! I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me!

When you launch FiveM there is a server browser. However you do not register an account on the client. It will usually launch with whatever software you bought it from. In my case I launch FiveM and it gathers my Data from steam. Ensure you have that running before joining or attempting to load FiveM. As well you can also use the template giving on the forums to provide more details.


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