Serverlist problems?


I made an post a few days ago but i did not got a fix and i dont get any more replies.
Do you know how to fix that my serverlist in fivereborn is showing less servers then: is showing?

I tried:
Reinstalling fivereborn
Reinstalling GTA5
Adding ports to firewall
Adding fivereborn.exe to firewall
adding ports to Norton firewall
adding fivereborn.exe to norton firewall
adding ports to both routers
Run fivereborn in compability mode
Run fivereborn in Administrator mode

None of the above worked for me.

Can you help me out?

Kind regards Iddo Kuipers

If you are looking for a particular server and cannot find it in the in-game server list, there is a refresh button at the top of the page (near the home and settings buttons). You can also manually connect using the IP of the server if you know it (Found in settings).

That did not worked as well but finally it works again i fixed that I detached 1 router and it works :stuck_out_tongue:

hello i have qeustion i have probs with joining roerveen rp can you help with joining?

5 year old topic… and question is not relevant to the topic.