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Currently my server console starts spamming these warnings after about 15-20 minutes of playing. No idea what may cause this. After a while, the milliseconds peak at thousands and the server is lagging out inventories and so on.
What have you tried?
I updated vorp_inventory to the latest build, updated that ghatti stuff. Didn’t fix anything.

I would highly appreciate some help.


There’s a bad loop somewhere. I know that people like to use vorp and redem:rp but they are like ESX and poorly optimised in many ways. They are GREAT for using as a framework when you aren’t prepared to write your own, but they can be SO slow, if not used properly. And most often they aren’t.
Remember though, this is just one man’s opinion and suggestion.

Somewhere it seems to be looping something that the server doesn’t like. Try to find out where.

Something is clearly not working properly, right. But I have 0 clue why and what it is.

Try running the profiler, this will let you understand which resource is slowing down the server.

Here are the commands, start the recording when the hitch warning is spamming:

profiler record frames (500 or less should be fine)

And then to save it:

profiler save fileName

It will save the registered frames into a file, you can load it by using

profiler view fileName

It will give you a link, which will open a chrome debugging page

Don’t mind sharing the file if you need further assistance.

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