Server start problems :-O

Hi here I’m new here in forum and with FiveM…

When I try to start an server (via the bat file), I get a ‘big black sign’ with many errors. I have follow the instruction point to point. What I do wrong ??
Jan :fearful:

Would be great if you could post a screenshot of the error + mention your windows version.

Sorry… The sign was not black but white :grin:

Move the server to some path that doesn’t contain any symbols or spaces.

Okayy and thanks, I will try that (I use Win 10)… :slight_smile:

I have placed the server folder directly on the ‘Desktop’, because I have an space in my username in my computer, its not help, still the same sign :worried:

Does your username on your pc contain any non numeric or symbols? Like @ or .

No but I have folders in another places with an ‘underscore’, so ? The Desktop is totally clear where it are now.

I have only ‘edit’ the server name and the password in the .yml file.

Try reinstalling the server and then run it without changing anything.

Okay, I will try that…

I think it help. Is that sign better? But I’m not happy to have the folder on my Desktop… Okayy here I can do some experiments, if it correct now ?

I think it was your server name or password that was causing the server crash. Try to change the name in small steps to see what part of the name might have caused the crash.

Okay that will I try, but for now thanks for help :slight_smile:

Ohhh, the explanation… The server don’t like ******* xx ******* stars in the server name :wink: