[Server] Sporadic crashing due to node:DecreaseWaitingRequestCounter assertion failure


Host: Ubuntu 20.04
Docker: Version 20.10.12
Image: Ubuntu 20.04.4
Artifact Version: 5181
Using txAdmin: Yes


Disclaimer: I understand this description isn’t great, however, I would like to have this issue documented.

Seemingly randomly, the server will crash due to the following error

Assertion `(request_waiting_) >= (0)` failed. 

Unfortunately when this crash occurs, it doesn’t yield a crash dump. I been unable to understand what conditions exactly would even cause this assertion to fail.

There are a few scripts making use of Node, so if this is something that can be reproduced via scripting, would anyone have an example of how to do so?

What are you hoping to gain by doing such, without providing any repro or anything? You’re the one having the issue, so you should be able to provide a repro, too.

If you’re asking someone else to… don’t post in bug reports? :stuck_out_tongue:

As if attempts at creating a repro haven’t been done… :stuck_out_tongue: