Server sided scripts

Is it possible to stream a menu for connecting players to use?

If everyone was using the same menu, it would keep them from having to update their files when I update my menus.

If you write it.


You can only stream streaming resources, as in files starting with ‘y’ that get placed in RPFs (excluding .ymt).

Anything else is not called ‘streaming’.

Also, if you look at “Kng’s Vehicle Packs” topic, you see an example of how to use C# for server-downloaded resource scripting.

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As much a I LOVE answers with no details, would you care to elaborate? If there was documentation on all of this, I would read through it and not be asking these question, but until that is provided, it is YOUR job as moderator to help people.

Sounds good, I will start there. Thank you for the detailed reply. Seems some moderators have no patience as they have been giving the most succinct answers.