Server side GetEntityHealth always return 0 when called for a server side vehicle

Server artifact: 2949 (latest)
Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a vehicle on server side
2. Try to use GetEntityHealth on that vehicle.
3. Always returns 0



(exports.CITvehsystem:getPlayerPersonalVehicle(42) actually returns the vehicle ID of the created vehicle on server side)

Bumping this as it is really important.

I have just tested it again and I figured out that everything else works (like GetEntityHeading, GetEntityCoords, etc.) the only issue is GetEntityHealth.


Currently it only works with peds.

You could experiment with the unparsed CVehicleHealthDataNode fields to determine if any correlate to entity health. For example, checking ( if unk16 and unk17 of correlate to “has max health” and “health” respectively.