Server Review

London Network is a great server with a lot of potential, however, for me, it was the letdown of RP standards but also how Owners and Co-owners will go out of their way to ruin somebody else’s experience because of a misunderstanding in the past. Within the server, you will find genuine people who pay money to the server most admins and mods are lovely staff members and a great bunch of management team is involved. However, as I stated before what let it down for me was the lack of RP standards within the server. But, on the plus side of things the server is a great server with loads of potential, if you have a great bunch of friends to come over with yourself that would also be good, however, there are varies jobs around the city for one to explore and enjoy. There’s a wide amount of gang RP within the server, and also have a great team of leadership within the Police side of things, police RP is always the best when it comes to things if you do not have people to come over with I strongly believe you will fall great within our police service, interacting with people and having a great time learning new things across the city. However, criminals don’t fear officers as much and much rather chase and follow officers around instead of making some great RP, mostly resulting in having to hit the officer around the head with a bat or a weapon, this is not much fun for officers in the city and can get very repetitive knowing someone will kill you every day.

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