Server not on server list

Hi all,

Recently, after a FiveM update our server is not on the list. It worked completely fine before. We have switched to essentialmode - is there something we need to change so it works?

For what its worth, we use a game server hosting company so everything is port forwarded it.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Please contact your external host. If the server isn’t showing in the main server list this is due to incorrect ports being forwarded which is arranged by your host. This is not a ‘bug’ or failure in scripts…

The only thing it could be is that your citmp-server.yml has changed. Check this line to make sure it’s correct;

# set to false to hide from the online server list
Announce: true

If this value is set to false your server will not show on the server list.

Hi, thank you for your fast reply.

I did double check that file, it is set to “true”

Just FYI, others can connect to the server via IP and Port. Do you still believe this is a port issue?


The master server will only list a maximum of 4 servers per IPv4 address to prevent spam, it could be the server hosting company you use exceeds this.

We explicitly discourage the use of server hosting providers for various reasons including this one - it is recommended that users get their own VPS to host servers.

Okay thank you.

I will try and get this resolved with my host, and I will forward this information to them!


Hello, my server is not on the server list is only seen on direct connect, please help.please in the wrong English