Server issue

when i am trying to open my server, everything goes fine, no errors or anything.
when i am trying to find it in the server list, it’s just not there.
when i try to join from my public ip, it is not working either, it only works with my local IP adress.
i tried to reinstall it twice. my ports are forwarded : 30120 UDP and TCP
server info log:

Server logs show nothing unusual,

Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking it.

already did, it’s not

If you’re playing on the same PC your server is on, your server will not show up in the list for you but others will see it and you can only connect using your local IP, not your outside IP that others would use to connect.

yes you do use your local ip however the server should still show up on the list regardless. I would make sure that on your firewall settings both outgoing and incoming are open for this port. Also port forward your router as well

did both, still not showing…
please help me if you can

You might need to set up a DMZ in your router.

did it, still not working

ok i have no clue which option solved it, but messed with the router and it now works! thx