Server issue\not showing\cant direct ip

i have a server fully set up, port forwarded, checked fire wall, it was showing up on the server list in game and joinable but all of a sudden two days ago we cant see it on the list anymore and cannot direct connect to it aswell even though it shows it still running… this is very annoying is there any fix to this?

Never mind I fixed it. Not like anyone helps on here anyways lol

Seeing as no-one helps on here, do you want to post how you fixed this issue to help others with this issue?

With my server not showing up on the server list in game or direct ip issue I figured out that with port forwarding make sure everything is checked under firewall setting and the DNS setting on your router is off.

Seems like you are impatient and rude. Suspended 48 hours.

theres no need to suspend people for being honest that’s my right. I have posted on here and had 3 people cuss me out for a simple question and you suspending me for speaking freely is administration abuse in my opinion…

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