Server hitch warning

Hey we have massive problems with hitch warnings.

We already checked the ressources and eversy single ressource is running at top times at 55ms for a tick.

The weird thing is that the schedluar.lua wich is causeing sometimes frametimes up to 600k (screenshot attached)

its everytime line 505-517 and line 205-207 with the highest tick time everytime we run the profiler to check.

a funny thing is that this occures when 15 people+ are connected :thinking:
would be nice if someone is able to help or give tips :frowning:

a little edit directly inside the profiler json this line gets “spammed” with all possible numbers till we manually restart the server.
“{“cat”:“blink.user_timing”,“name”:“thread citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua[505…517]”,“ph”:“E”,“pid”:1,“tid”:2,“ts”:599962777},”

beside of that the profiler with 500 ticks has generated 1959756 lines :thinking:

Have you found a fix for this? I am literally having the same exact issue.

well was fixxed in an update of fivem