Server Help please

Would someone be willing to help me figure out why my server is online but yet in RedM shows offline. And when i do Connect and with the IP it would load up and ill be in the game loading screen and just sits there. but when i back out says server Offline 13 mins ago.

Does this show your IP:port as open or closed?

my port says 80 is that right? and it says closed

No, 80 is for HTTP (web server). Your port will depend on what’s in your server.cfg but the default is 30120. You want to test your external IP:port.

i did 30120 is closed. wait is that a port needs open? cause the ports it told me to open was this.

30211-30217 TCP
6672 UDP
61455-61458 UDP

Where did you find those ports? The only port you need to open is your server port UDP and TCP so by default that would be 30120.

i searched it on good. i put RedM Server port forwarding. lol so i guess i did wrong things lol So is that 30120 both and only that port number?

so it shows it is now open. but still server on RedM says offline. and get server is online.
When i tried to login now. says Server specified an invalid game build enforcement 1604 what this mean?

Got it. I can use the startserver.bat i made. but can’t use the FXserver one. :slight_smile: now to find that mod to put buildings back into the game that is deleted some reason.

how did u fix that?

can anyone help i keep getting Server specified an invalid game build enforcement 1604 and my server is online how do i fix the invalid game bulid

What version of the server artifacts are you using? If you’re running 1604 , you’ll want to update to a version that was released recently as those are a couple years old.

I’m on the recently released i got pass it maybe but now im getting obtaining configuration from server failed error state- curl error code 3 url using bad/illegal format or missing url and i got red dead off of epic store

update got everything to work but now i get the loading screen and it wont stop

That’s caused by a resource in the background erroring out/hanging. Watch your server terminal and cfx logs for errors.

thank you i got past the loading screen i’m doing redemrp server but stuck at loading in character any idea how to fix

Not without any errors. It would be impossible to just magically guess what’s failing to load.

how did u fix that?

Hello. I need help I can’t log into my local server.

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