Server FPS issues with more than one person?

Our server, which has not had this issue before. Is now lagging when any two players join it. Members are getting anywhere from a 20-40 FPS drop, with no reason whatsoever. Scripts have been disabled with no luck. This only started this morning.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

We are having the same issue, it started after today’s update I believe.

Some of us are having that issue as well :confused:

Ours started about an hour ago, I thought It was my game but like 3-5 others joined and we were all like snail speed. Any fix yet?

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Thanks for all the responses, guys.

There does not seem to be a fix at this time, go ahead and give it some time and hopefully the issue gets fixed.

I noticed more lag and stutter after Rockstar’s latest update. Might have something to do with it.

that might just be the problem so we will have to wait and see what happens next

Well, at least we know its not just a one person issue. :slight_smile:

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I’m having a stuttering issue as well. Stutters once every few seconds. Only noticed it after the update.

The problem is some people arent even having the issue so people think its not happening.

man now I gotta wait till I play five again it lags like im trying to run 4k ultra on a weak video card hopefully a patch is made soon

I just had a friend come into the server. As soon as he did, it would freeze for a couple seconds, become playable for about half a second and repeat non-stop. My game stopped responding for a moment and it put me in another session I believe (with trainer, it said Invalid has left) and it worked as normal.

EDIT: I restarted the game a few times and it seems normal now.

The issue itself is still clearly there, and needs to be resolved.

Definitely. Will probably start screwing up again the next player that joins or restarts or whatever.

Yeah, this issue is pretty bogus. XD

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well ill post a video to show the problem in action

I usually run the game with better frames than what the video shows but now im getting well those kind of frames