Server endpoint "" returning HTML ERROR 502

Ever since this keymaster fiasco has occurred, I have had no luck connecting to my previous assigned server URL for accessing admin HTML pages.

I have already regenerated my keys, this is not the issue. Upon regenerating keys, my keymaster server ID has remained the same, so this is not an issue either.

To elaborate, I used to be able to connect to my server or my HTML-hosted pages using the URL Now, when trying to connect to the base URL even, I am receiving an HTML ERROR 502. I can still connect to these resources by using http://serverip:port/resourcename so it’s not a resolving issue with my VPS.

When the server starts up, it is even telling me Authenticated with Nucleus:, so I know that the ID or URL has not changed, as it is authenticating with it.

Well, it seems this issue has self-corrected itself. The URL is now accessible again with no changes from myself. Unsure how to try and figure out anything further.