Server died for good reasons.

Owner hyped up this "updated V2 of wockhardt like he was releasing a Triple A Title and claimed “everything will be fixed in v2.”
Claims The server is SERIOUS RP but he doesnt understand his members dont know how to rp. the server is 100k or die with terrible wannabe serious rp, he thought a V2 would somehow “fix rp”. he only cares about gangs on the server. people paid real money and were promised Buildings and mansions for them not to be added. Owner also doesnt value or care about pd made 0 updates to PD on launch and was actually less than original wockhardt. every night he had server events where pd was not invited or shunned away leaving us to patrol a dead city bored. Admins abuse power, are weird and get there way. no punishment for breaking rules even on multiple offenders because owner is scared to lose players, but now everyone is gone. most of pd left to different server because rp is ass and we were not valued. our PD Leaders bought scripts out of their own pocket just for the owner not to include them.

out of the blue today i got kicked from pd because i didnt attend a “mandatory meeting.” i was resting because i have covid but woke up to a being kicked out, i then voiced my opinion on the discord respectfully telling my opinion on how i was wrongfully kicked, a co owner demanded i delete what i said and he could get me back in and the owner said i should just leave.


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