Server designer/developer

.Hello, I am a Discord server designer with over three years of experience. I specialize in creating unique, neat, and simplistic designs that can bring a fresh look to various servers. I am proficient in working with embeds, channels, roles, permissions, and more. I offer my services at very affordable prices. To discuss pricing and view more information, please visit Setup a discord server for you by Tuckfrmda | Fiverr.

Hey man I own a server I don’t have a co-owner position available but if you’re good enough I can get you something good. Server is in the Recruitment phase and we’re placing tons of hard work into the success of it. Please reach out to me if this interests you.

Discord: blake_l1

@Tuck_Gaming wanna discuss this as I have a few assets.

I have tons of assets, mature, scripting, EUP, and vehicle dev. Experience as a Director of a server with 500+ discord members. Emergency Services Director of 100+ members throughout the departments. Let me know.


add me on dizzy dreee2x

add me on discord dreee2x