Server creating split sessions/ghost players

So when I connect to my server sometimes the people that are in it are invisible and their blip is snapping around the map. When I ask, they say I left, but I can still talk to them.

When someone joins me, sometimes it will say they left, but they will still talk and they wont be visible on the radar to me.

Hardcap is enabled, and none of my limits like resource limits are over. Also note that I edited the fivem_map_skater to make them spawn as the Trevor model, which makes them invisible to me when we are in the same session, but fixes if they change their skin.

I have noticed that players can vote themselves as host.

List of script resources:

  • msq-sync-and-acl

  • ScorpionTrainer-master (renamed to trainer)

  • watermark

Any of these known to cause issues?

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The SP character skins often break player ped synchronization - also, at what player counts does this occur and are there any long frame time warnings (or incomplete routing packet warnings) in the server console output?

I will have to revert to a default respawn player model.

This occurs at ANY amount of players, it happened with me an one other guy.

No routing issue notices and normal frame times so far, but do note that timing out seems to occur regularly at random times, and never seems to time me out. I dont know if its just players quitting, but a quit message is different then a timeout.

Did anyone find a fix for this?

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