Server create dont appear in list , Coop LAN, private server

hi, sorry or my bad english i’ve try to install my onw server: after edit name server password for play with my friend only and save file, i can’t see is list master…when im try to connect with i can enter but my friends can’t see me, i have try IP locale for him and me but nothing… can you help me plz

Have you forwarded the port? Forward 30120 TCP & UDP.

@Boss hi; yes i have open port UDP and TCP

Well something is blocking the connection.

@Boss hi; i see; how try to fix that ? i can see other server in list but not mine

have you tried refreshing the list a few times?

Run your server and confirm if your ports are open, go here ;

@Boss after run server this site present me ip and 80 port its normal or ? this ip my friends need for joint exact ?

@lordsp1ce ow yeah mt beo i refrech and re try every day…

It’s your IP, change 80 to 30120 and then hit “Check Port” post results below.

@Boss hi , sorry im sick , im using connection hotspot on my phone for connect to my pc i have read its why i can open port exct ? i have open port to my pc but can join bcz i dont use wifi livebox… its reason for my probleme ?

I doubt a phone hotspot will work…

@Boss exact… i will try with normal wifi at home and report. i have read connection cellular port control by operateur and cant open manuelly like with livebox

@ZLATAN-PSG Are you trying to connect to a 192.168.. IP from a remote location, like a mobile hotspot?
Because that doesn’t work. If you want to join your server at home, from somewhere else, or from something like a mobile phone hotspot, you have to use the remote IP of your home computer.
Open this on the computer that is hosting the server:’s+my+ip&ie=&oe=
And then enter the IP you see there on the computer you’re connecting with.

Also, today I learned Google shows your IP when you google “what’s my IP” :open_mouth:

@Eraknelo thks you i will try directly at home firstly if its work i will try your method thks
actually im connected wiyh hotsport wifi wats my ip say my port its 8080 i hope at work it will work…