Server closed for profiting?

We do not require people to pay to play on the/our server, and we do not receive money in regards to our FiveM server, i dont know how we are suspected/targeted for this?

who do we need to talk to about this issue?
what info do you guys require so we can solve this issue?

If you’re hosting your server with ■■■■■■■-Servers then there is nothing you can do but wait or get a new server. ■■■■■■■-Servers has been blocked.

C I t a d e l

So its cita-del entire FiveM servers which has been blocked? Okay, i guess we have to change service provider then :confused:

Can you guys recommend any other service provider then?

I would reccomend a vps from ovh you do require some more knowledge for it tho as it’s a Linux server which requires manual setup.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated… :slight_smile:

The best thing I ever did when my server got cancelled was I went with N F O s e R V e R z and it made life SOOO much easier. Just go to the link, you order this service and make sure that you get the windows 2012 version and you remote desktop it from your windows computer via typing remote desktop in start and entering your IP, username, pass that they give you and its like having a second computer to run FiveM and teamspeak and whatever else you need.


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