Server Admin Need work

So been playing a few months. Went FBI it was fun at first then admin started to get super controlling over every little thing we did which made it horrible to play because they micro manage everything instead of letting you play. Aero sucks and is one of the co owners he should not be involved with anything he likes to make up rules as he goes along especially with FBI outfit rules if he dosent like it he will get rid of you faster than your head can spin. Playboy is one of the worst admin in the server he has so many complaints aginst him he should be banned just like anyone else would have been but his issues get swept under the rug huge double standard within the server. Also if you play other servers just be ready to be banned. Owner Kade really needs to get it togather have a huge group of players that are unhappy with the ditactorship on this server and have choose to part ways. dont join this server huge dissapointment.

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