VANGUARD | Serious Roleplaying Community 18+ | Allowed-list

Welcome to Vanguard! A FiveM community where an immersive and realistic experience is important to us. We are looking for experienced role-players to help grow our community into something special!

What to expect?

:city_sunset: A Realistic World: Vanguard Roleplay is committed to offering a meticulously crafted virtual world that mirrors the complexities of reality. From lifelike interactions to authentic scenarios, we’ve left no stone unturned in creating a dynamic environment that will truly immerse you.

:handshake: Player Government: Experience a unique twist with our player-driven government system. Your choices matter, as you can shape laws, influence the economy, and leave your mark on our society. Vanguard Roleplay empowers you to be a part of a living, breathing world where your decisions have real consequences.

:globe_with_meridians: A Community of Passionate Roleplayers: Join a vibrant and welcoming community of fellow roleplayers who share your passion for immersive storytelling. Forge alliances, make new friends, and collaborate with like-minded individuals in your quest for meaningful roleplaying experiences.

:scroll: Dedicated Staff & Fair Play: Our dedicated staff team is committed to ensuring a fair and balanced environment for all. We uphold a strict set of rules and guidelines to maintain the integrity of our server, creating a space where everyone can enjoy their roleplaying adventures to the fullest.

Discord: Vanguard Roleplay

Player Owned Businesses
Player Ran Government
Player Stats
Custom Hygiene
Real Estate
Crypto Currency
Immersive Jobs
Immersive Drug System
Custom Cars
Custom Motorcycles
Custom MLOs
Custom Housing
Custom Clothes
Custom Player Created Tattoos
Heist Progression

Weapons Progression
And More!

Lumber Jack
Metal Detecting
Street Racing
Car Boosting Contracts
Boxing club
Strip Club
Scuba Diving
Dave and Busters Arcade
Recording Studios
Restaurants and Clubs
Recycling center
Scrap Yard



absolute lit server, so many things to do in the city of sin, yall slide in and see what you guys are missing out on


City is definitely different than others plenty of stuff to do everyone in the community is friendly and don’t get money hungry vibes it’s all love :100:


Sin city is Hands Down the Best City on 5m!
• Admins are understanding and not controlling.
• There are hundreds even thousands of realistic RP Scenarios possible
• For People with $ business are reasonably priced compared to competitors
• Diversified
•And much more !
I love this City and am here to stay !!


Appreciate your kind words. We look forward to growing this community into something special!


looking forward to seeing this live.


Awesome screenshots! We appreciate your kind words as well!

Street Racing Update

Do you think you have what it takes to become king of the streets? Vanguard now has an underground street racing scene. Find out how to break onto the scene and build a reputation of a fierce competitor for the glory!

Racing script offers the abilities to start predetermined races all around the city.

New Updates

  • Brand new Jewelry Store Heist: Allows players to rob multiple store locations, Has progression system for hacking security systems. Get yourself a professional hacker!

  • New Mining Script: Allows players to go mining in a mineshaft or in a rock quarry. You can also pan for gold ect. Very detailed and immersive, Great way to make money and gather materials.

  • New Motorcycle Dealership: A new dealership that allows players to buy and finance motorcycles. They have a catalog of custom Harley-Davidsons ect.

  • New Tattoos and Gang Clothes for new verified gangs!

  • Vehicle Control Menu: Allows players more control while inside of their vehicle. Adds to the realism.

  • New Gang System: Allows verified gangs to have a gang menu with tons of customizable options, Gangs can earn notoriety and rank up in the streets.

  • Small Economy Adjustments: Changed some prices of some items, Increased or decreased some activities payout to level out the economy.

The city is steadily growing. We currently are looking for LEO and EMS Personal. If you are interested in a city that cares about every single community member. This is the city for you. The community is very helpful and the roleplay as been excellent. Come check out the city today!

Since the update city has been feeling good and optimized
New jobs
Active Players
So much to do u never get bored !!!

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New Updates

  • New luxury cars added to the import dealer

  • New Cars added to tuner shop

  • Added another way to sell Drug Bricks

  • New Weapon at the weapons bench

  • Added Farming Script and Farm Trucks

  • Small changes around LegionBikes to help reduce lag.

  • New ways to obtain Rubber

  • iPhone coming soon

  • New Jobs at city hall

  • Small changes to food items. Trying to make players roleplay getting real meals together instead of having 20 Twinkies on them.

  • Electrician Job is now here!

  • Adjusted Police Notifications to Alert to ALL robberies.

  • Adjusted the payouts of a few basic qb-jobs like garbage and towing ect.

  • New Weapons coming soon!

This city will continue to be updated and optimized this week. If you are interested in some of our new features come check them out!

W server im having a lot of fun growing my trucking business to build up that nice passive income

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New Updates

  • New Bar in Paleto Bay. Go check out Henhouse. Grab a cold drink and a bite to eat. Enjoy some live music and the relaxing environment!

  • Adjustments to crafting bench

  • Vehicle tuning

  • Adjusted drug selling prices

  • Added taxes

  • Vehicle tuning

  • Adjusted some job payments

  • Vehicle price adjustments

  • IceBox is now apart of the Jewelry heist

  • Looking at scrapyard car list to give more common local cars.

  • Adjustments to crafting bench

  • New weapon repair location

New Updates

  • New motorcycles at Legion Bikes

  • Added notepad to 24/7 shops

  • Vehicle tuning and price adjustments

  • New weapon coming soon

  • Raised corner selling prices

  • Added Meth brick production

  • New Demised Kuttes coming soon

  • Sinners MC Kuttes Coming soon

  • Adjusting scrapyard car list

  • Recycling center adjustments

  • Tuning motorcycles

  • New weapon at crafting bench

  • New HenHouse items

Developer Update

  • New weapon at crafting bench

  • Updated Scripts

  • Added Ankle Monitor

  • New mechanic shop

  • Material overhaul (Getting certain materials is more realistic)

  • Camera script

  • New ways to make money being a criminal

  • Adjusted prices on more vehicles

  • Material overhaul adjustments

  • Economy Adjustments with jobs

  • More towing vehicles coming soon

  • Ability to put motorcycle’s in the back of trucks and on flatbeds coming soon

  • Added over 40+ Custom Donks and Lifted trucks and Jeeps. Now available at the Deluxe Motorsports and Luxury dealerships.

  • More Car sounds coming soon

  • New tattoos & Adjusted some of the ones we have now.

  • Massive Economy adjustments. Try new things like Fishing, Hunting, Metal Detecting, Scuba Diving, ect. Jobs like Tow truck driver, Electrician, Trucker, Lumberjack, Mining ect where adjusted.

  • Rubber is now more rare.

New Towing Script is here! I am still making it compatible with all the trailers.

  • Raised the payout of corner store robberies.

  • Changes to Black-market doors. Also removed one location and added two more.

  • New cars coming to all dealerships soon.

  • Much more has happened since the launch of SinCity. If you are looking for a city that is being updated weekly then come check us out!

Absolutely fun server its fun being a crim and cop ive been in the server for over a month and i love it here


Best city around active gangs/PD/EMS and admins


Appreciate it bro :100:

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Thank you for the kind words!

Hands Down my favorite server I’ve ever been a part of. Chillest admins and solid infrastructure.