Serious issue with Car Locking/Lock out

So ive come across an issue in my server which leaves me a bit baffled
Members including my self randomly park our vehicles, and when we step out we are locked out
We cant get in and it in most occasions at the impound lot or just lost till we relog
What can it be ?

Im wondering if it has anything to do with:
Advanced vehicle garage
Fivem vehicle Lock System
LS Custom
Mechanic shops?

It happens almost always when you go to LS Customs or Mechanic shop to repair vehicle

its not ‘‘Fivem vehicle Lock System’’, its gta vehicle lock system as rage was not made to support that kind of thing, so specialy when you go away from the vehicle like inside a building it may lock you out.

What was it made to not support? ESX?
Never had this issue on regular menu based server

gta wasnt made whit vehicle locking in mind. so it will have bugs whit them unless they make a lot of changes to the game

Ah I see

So if I remove anything and everything that has to do with locking vehicles I’m game they would prob be no more issues I assume?

propably, you can always just eg say i chat locks blue audi or something like that so atleast the people who want to accualy rp, know it is locked…

Use esx_lockpick and esx_vehiclelock, been using them so far and no issues like yours whatsoever.

(Also using esx_vehiclelock allows you to unlock a car that’s been locked anyways so yeah…)

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