Seeking Advice on Identifying Translatable Sections in Lua Files for GTA Server Plugin Localization

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a project to localize various plugins for a GTA server, which involves translating text within Lua files. The server uses QBCore framework, and most of the plugins contain text that needs to be translated to better serve our community.

The challenge I’ve encountered is that not all text within these Lua files is meant to be translated. There are specific sections that should be left as is, and others that need localization. The distinction between these sections is not always clear-cut, making it difficult to automate the process using regular expressions or similar methods.

I’m reaching out to this knowledgeable community for insights or methodologies you might have for identifying which parts of Lua files are safe to translate and which are not. Here are some general patterns I’ve observed:

•	Direct string assignments often contain translatable text.
•	Configuration settings, function names, and comments should not be altered.
•	Certain Lua tables contain strings meant for UI elements that require translation.

However, these patterns aren’t consistent across all files, leading to uncertainties. If you have experience with Lua, particularly within the context of GTA server development or similar areas, your advice on how to approach this problem would be invaluable. I’m particularly interested in:

•	Techniques for programmatically distinguishing between translatable and non-translatable text.
•	Tools or scripts that might help automate this process.
•	Best practices for managing plugin localizations in a way that’s maintainable across updates.

The goal is to streamline the localization process without risking the functionality of the plugins by inadvertently altering critical code. Any guidance, tools, or scripts you could share would greatly aid in achieving this.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Your expertise could significantly impact the accessibility of our server for non-English speaking players.

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Maybe you should explain your problem without letting AI write some big story, rather show what problems you are running into.

Because unless you are letting some AI robot localize your server it should be easy to notice you can change all strings in the locale folder, and what the structure looks like.