Second car dealer?

I want to make a second car dealer but i dont know how to. I have tried to make a second one but it didnt work. I’m not really good at coding but I am open to learning. I hoop someone can help me with this porblem. (I use ESX files)

Rename everything and make new tables in the database

To expand a little on what Fischer said, you want to go through the resource and change esx_vehicleshop to esx_newresourcename, once that’s done, you will want to look at the sql statements in the server.lua and change the db tables to point to a new category and cars tables. That will get you very close to having a duplicate car shop. You’ll then want to clean it up by removing duplicate things like /dv command calls, etc.

I use esx_vehicleshop and esx_truckshop, maybe this helps

thanks it is working now :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I try to do it like you say :

  • rename “esx_vehicleshop:doSomething” by “esx_resourcename:doSomething”.
  • rename “cardealer” by “cardealer2”
  • rename “society_cardealer” by “society_cardealer2”.

For now i can :

  • See markers.
  • Open Shop menu (but only see the FIRST car i explain next)
  • Put / Take items in society.
  • Put / Take money in society.

The bug -->

When i open the shop menu, press “buy car” i see the first car in the first categorie.

I was like “Nice it is working, i am true boss”… But, i switch to see the second car.

The second car appear, but the shop menu disappear and impossible close the menu.

So i was block in the car… (restart the resource and you are free again if you try the same thing :wink: ).

I decided to try the basic “vehicle_shop”, and i have the same issue :

  • see the first car, switch, everything disappear and block.

any one have an idea ? x)

I open an issue on github (better description)

Hey, i have one problem. I did everything you said, but when i open the second cardealer (the new one)
it open the categories but dont load the cars and the menu on left top side, and i cant get out of this so i have to restart resource… Can you help me? “sorry for my ban english”

So I did everything you said, it works! (kind of) I go to switch the cars to look at them, and I get stuck on the 2nd vehicle, and cant do anything when I try to move, only thing I can do, is restart the resource and then I can get out of it. Any ideas why i get stuck?

use the esx_truckshop
Change DB to whatever you need and that’s it :slight_smile:

now how do you go about storing the vehicles? Im having an issue where when i purchase the vehicle at the second shop, when i go to store it, it tells me that I dont own the vehicle.

You will need to look at the event that gives you the car,
Mine works just fine. I have my own diamond VIP store and the esx_truckshop for the rest of the vehicles.

I figured it out…and actually went on to create a 3rd dealership so he can customize vehicles and purchase those UNcustomized vehicles at a cheaper price

Thanks so much for your help

hello everyone, May I please be pointed to the truckshop thread I have a problem with it it is showing the truck blip on the map but there are no markers to buy or sell the trucks.

Some resources don’t have release topics, I don’t bother making one for any of mine. You can post an issue if there’s a Github for it, post looking for assistance here in the forums or find one of the many helpful esx/fivem Discord channels(check my profile for a couple links).

I did try the truckshop and it does not work