Searching for some interiors


I’m searching for some places like the garages (10 places Online), I don’t if they’re somewhere on the map, and I would like to find the “Winner Room” too where you are in Online when you won an activity or a race.

Thank you if someone find them and can share it !


Here is the coordinates for the garages (10 places) :
X:223.193 Y:-967.322 Z:99.000

And for the “Winner Room” like you said, i’m trying to find ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you ! I’ll try this, if you have other ideas of interesting places you can share it here. Maybe I could make a list here for all people.

It’s not the garage 10 places for me at this coordinates look :

I’m on the map “skater”.

It’s under the map i think

So how many in Z to be in ? :slight_smile:

I use the simple trainer to teleport there. I don’t know the coordinates off top my head. But coordinates can be displayed with simple trainer too.

Simple Trainer = Lamba Menu ?

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This is the winning room :slight_smile:
and this is the position : X= 412.766479492188 Y= -972.106872558594 Z= -99.0041198730469

(You can only see inside on FPS mode)