Searching for a server where i can become an officer

Hey, i am looking for a server where i can become an officer of some sort. I’m currently 12, but i’ve had lots of experience being an officer and roleplaying as one on another server and im open minded. I like servers where most of the time there are like at least 20 or 15 people online.

Thanks in advance, Qeevo.

i own a server where you can become cop . it does not get 15 to 20 player but if you play and help it could get to that

Come here, we need officers badly

Join the LSPD at SCRP, Closed | [Official] Southern California Role Play Community (SCRP) | Professional CAD | 15+ Whitelisted Community | Custom Cars/Jobs/Scripts |

Hello, My Name Is Kaden H. I Am The Director Of Signal 15 Gaming. Signal 15 Gaming Is ESX Based And Has A Server Sided Menu. All Of Our LEO Vehicles, Fire And EMS Vehicles Have Custom Lighting Pattern And We Have Changed The Lights Speed Aswell. If You Are Interested In Joining Our Communty Our CAD/MDT Discord And Our Teamspeak Is On Our FiveM Fourms Post Listed Below.

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Sunrise RolePlay

Tired of the typical boring copy and paste economy servers? Well so are we.

Welcome to Sunrise Roleplay, the public RP server that offers quality roleplay, whitelisted and non-whitelisted jobs, custom vehicles, drugs and a lot more.
We are a fresh server looking for new and dedicated members that love serious roleplay.
Our primary goal is to build a community where people can be themselves, enjoy the roleplay and make friends.
-> Forums: 13 <-
-> Discord: 15 <-
-> Direct Connect: <-

What we offer:

Police with a custom CAD
EMS with a custom CAD
Car dealer
Real Estate
Civilian jobs
Gangs with different agendas
Custom scripts
300 custom vehicles
Dedicated members & Lifelong friendships
200+ streamed tattoos
What we require from you:

A working microphone
Respectful and purposeful roleplay
Just have fun!
A little more about our city:
Our Whitelisted jobs are meant to give a meaningful experience within the community. This means that if you choose one of these many jobs you can build a reputation among friends and other players, such as being a great car dealer, people may ask personally just for you :wink:

PDCADPDCAD.png1920x922 78.9 KB
SAHP : Our SAHP is made so Officers enjoy their police experience and keep order between civilians while doing so. SAHP has many great custom features. As you can see the CAD works like a real life system, with draggable desktop icons that stay where you want them, records, warrants and lots of neat little features to make it easy and look sleek for your preference. SAHP Vehicles are standard models with custom handling lines, making them as close to there real life predecessor as possible. (This falls into our 300+ cars with completely custom handling lines).

Some PD character models

unknownunknown.jpg1456x714 280 KB
pd-vehiclespd-vehicles.jpg2380x504 426 KB
SAFD : Our SAFD also has a custom CAD system to help their experience be more enjoyable, and in the case of emergency, EMS can check what people died from. This will provide more RP scenarios for these everyday heroes. SAFD has a few custom vehicles, while all the same they still use custom handling lines.

emsvehiclesemsvehicles.jpg983x282 208 KB
Other Whitelist Jobs : Jobs such as Car Dealer, Real Estate, Mechanic, and Taxi Driver are all run by REAL people. All of them are hiring and accepting suitable patrons. Applications can be sent in on 4 . You will be required to sign up there to become whitelisted for these jobs.

Vehicles : For Sunrise the vehicles were a huge deal breaker, we didn’t want to settle for less and just use the handling lines they came with or use the typical realistic handling scripts. So our vehicles team decided it was time to put in the effort and make them all handle like there REAL LIFE versions (Blood, sweat, probably lots of tears in this process). Over 300 Cars, Bikes and other sorts of vehicles have had their handling lines rewritten and we are eager for people to try them out, because they are truly awesome.
P.S. the bikes handling meta’s have also been changed so that you are able to do stunts easier, and wheelie in different directions rather than just wheeling straight into a wall. Get Creative! Just please wear a helmet.

Civs : Civilians are offered RP jobs that have Salaries, and Regular labor jobs that have bulk payouts. Anything is possible as a civilian, its your characters lifestyle!

Civilian ID’s

Criminals : Without criminals, there would be no cops. Our Gang RP experience is made to be in depth for players. This means certain people may control the black market, and others control a money laundering system; making our criminals work together in order to get their soon to be riches. (Keep in mind while these are player controlled none are allowed to blacklist you, you will have to acquire information on how to get access to these functions in RP. If you are “blacklisted” contact an admin immediately as this is not allowed). There are many drugs to find, currently we have;

  • Moonshine
  • Weed
  • Coke
  • Meth
  • Opium
  • Bootleg AMPs
    Gangs only assume control of these places in RP and these locations can be taken over by rivals, or even shut down by police if there is a lot of activity surrounding these areas. Thus it will be moved after a “Drug Bust”.
    All of these locations must be found on the map, if you legitimize a gang you will be shown a location to speed up your gangs progress.

Other Features : We have a soft skills system implemented, so players can feel more accomplished while living their everyday lives. These include;

  • Stamina (Strength, Speed, Lung capacity)
  • Shooting
    … More in development for soft skills

Unique Locations : Bahama Mamas has been opened for business, players can throw their own parties on the dance floor and enjoy a great part of the city nightlife. There are various others including Log cabins in the mountains, and a vast new forest in between LS and Sandy Shores.
And Many, Many more features to enjoy.

Enjoy this Trailer from our Ad-Team!

come join our welcoming discord where anybody can become a cop we are hiring for SASP LCSO and civ Department