Searching for a server (read below)

Looking for a server with a realistic economy that isn’t too grindy but makes you immersed and actually feels like you’re working for something. Also with a good variety of legal jobs and possible chance for player business as well. Me and a few buddies are looking and not that we don’t want crime stuff to do but we also enjoy just being law abiding citizens and let a possible crime job or illegal stuff come naturally and not a forced thing to do so you have money.
-US based or at least english speaking
-Decent player count on average
-custom cars
-Lots of starter legal jobs
-activities such as golfing bowling etc
-balanced economy for both legal and illegal stuff
We are all at least 20+ of age with prior rp experience

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Hello! If you are still looking for a server, then why don’t you check out Core Roleplay? The whole community are welcoming to new and returning roleplayers. The server is realistic economy and serious roleplay offering materials for whatever character you would like to play. C:
We do have all the things you mentioned, like player owned businesses, also whitelisted businesses, and employment center jobs to get you started. Our player count caps on EST evenings and we are a very active server overall. There are also golfing, hunting, fishing, pool table game, etc. There are many characters both legal and illegal, you choose who you want to play!
If you have any questions, then ask away!

You can look at many different platforms or even the forum!

Discord: Core Roleplay
Instagram: @coreroleplay
Twitter: @coreroleplay