Seamless RP | USA | 18+ Community | Whitelisted Jobs | Racing & Car Boosting | Housing | Hiring EMS/LEO | Illegal Jobs | Drugs | Player Owned Businesses

** Seamless RP is an 18+ server looking to grow our community and provide serious but fun roleplay. We are a new community that wants to add individuals who provide serious roleplay to the server. We are always trying to create new content and are open to new suggestions and feedback. We like to maintain a reasonable economy. All cars are have custom handling files even vanilla ones and tuner DLC pack… The cars are listed by tier to please everyone taste in cars at certain speeds. We are currently looking for EMS, Cops(have good number but like to add more), Lawyers and Judges, and all business are available to own. We also like to add Staff members.**

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- Active Support (Staff spots available)

- Full Controller Support

- Friendly Community

- Streamer Friendly

- LGBTQ Friendly

- Fishing

- Mining

- Taxi

- Garbage Job

- Hotdog Selling

- Hunting

- Diving

- Racing with App

- Tow

- Amazon Delivery

- Drug Missions

- Gun Running Missions

- Store Robberies

- House Robberies

- Jewelry Store Robbery

- Bank Robberies

- Money Laundry

- Item / Weapon Attachment Crafting
- Car Boosting

- Law Enforcement

- Emergency Medical Services and Doctors

- Judge and Lawyers

- Burger Shot

- Car Dealers (PDM & Imports)

- Mechanic Shop

- Medusa Night Club

- Vanilla Unicorn

- Free Apartments

- Purchasable Houses

- Customizable Interiors

iconWe look forward to meeting all who join and thank you!!icon

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Love this community, great people to RP with. No bullies here and tons of stuff to do.

  • Amazon delivery job now available! :truck:
  • Tuner DLC cars now in PDM with custom handling :red_car:

Soon halloween which means upcoming halloween event! Attend, meet new people and finish the spooky mission :ghost:

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just went live today/ freshly wiped!!!

Still a few businesses looking for an owner, apply today! :clap:

Car boosting is now live! Fun and different way to get materials :red_car:

updated info

More and more people starting to join, come join the fun!

New Business available.

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Digital Den robbery now up and running! Support the store by buying a new phone or sabotage their security system and rob them, you decide :relieved:

Gokart event today on the server! Starting 8PM EST. Will be multiply starts :racing_car: