ScripthookVdotNET intentionally disabled in latest update

Simply put, why? With it a lot of servers got some really nice and game play enhancing mods.

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cuz they cause crashes that’s why plus most of them can be streamed from the server

@Kanersps lock it up

this is dumb. This script is why we started using reborn for mods/ taking scripts away is completely horrible!


I totally agree man!

Lua is not disabled, so scripts are still very much possible

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SHDN is not compatable with FiveM, CitizenFX.Core is their in house version of SHDN, just use that as a reference instead of SHDN.

code it server side and im sure it will work way better than those, why u think half of the server sometimes timesout after like 30 min? or other bs errors due to client sided mods PEOPLE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND START MAKING SCRIPTS CONTRIBUTING TO THE COMMUNITY AND IT WILL WORK, there is many many many servers out there that have advanced scripts that started with the simple code here and then they never contributed or added anything to the project ::frowning: Lots of dev projects were abandoned or they were stolen and locked so nobody will use them etc, people should contribute to the community and make it bigger and stronger not just make everyone in a like clan 20-30 people when we could have 1000s contributing. this project has been alive for a long time now and really i could see lots of improvements if people got together and actually decided to work together


I agree also, most all of the servers created on the list of servers are police roleplay communities… so I don’t understand why they would want to screw it up for the already struggling GTA V Communities. I never crashed due to scripthookvdotnet, the most game crashes in my community are from members with crap internet or blocked ports. I would be willing to pay monthly if the FIVEM Devs would mod Reborn to allow some mods like Police Mod 2.0 to work correctly with call outs, as i’m sure many other GTA V Role Play Communities would as well. Even LSPDFR would be the ticket for all GTA Gaming Communities.And would be financially beneficial to Reborn Devs and show some appreciation for all the hard work they put in to it.


well script it start a source get 1 thing working someone add another boom a script, its really not hard yes it takes time and a bunch of testing but thats what it takes to do it, sure people would love to see FiveM beat GTAO and be like SAMP with a lot of features really stable etc but it takes time and more people

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We aren’t able to make ‘PoliceMod2’ or ‘LSPDFR’ work with FiveM as both modifications aren’t open-sourced, and instead are using .NET obfuscators so nobody can see the inner workings either (for instance to know how to replicate certain features, as most of those use game natives in a way that isn’t documented anywhere: this closed-source obfuscation madness is what makes the GTA modding community so ‘stuck’ in old ways rather than allowing people to improve).

If they were, a server-side adaptation would’ve been released a long time ago. SHVDN was disabled as a) the point of this modification isn’t to run client-side modifications, b) there’s a compatibility layer on the server and porting mods to it takes almost no effort at all assuming you have the mod’s source code and c) SHVDN (among other .NET plugins) was the #2 top crasher on the crash reporting system with 35% of all crashes either caused or masked by it, due to the bad design of the legacy C++/CLI language it is implemented in.


The only main scripts I’ve been using were the Stance mod and a flatbed script that went along with a Towtruck3 modded vehicle which actually had a proper working and synced flatbed tow truck unlike the default tow trucks that de-hook from cars randomly cause of FiveReborn.

Tow trucks work fine on FiveM and always have, sure some players haven’t been using a local trainer/plugins breaking this? Does this occur on servers that disable client-side scripts?

Don’t think it was any plugins interfering with it, might have been simple de-sync since the towed cars sometimes didn’t appear in the same location on other player’s screens or they simply de-hooked.

So, if scripts causing crashes was the reason you disabled them then why am I still getting script related errors?