Scripthookdotnet scripts server side

Does anyone know how to get these scripts working server sided? It would be greatly appreciated as my RP community uses many of these types of scripts, and it is hard to play without them.

id love to know, but doubt you will get the answer your looking for.

Probably not… Even thought the FiveR devs said it was possible to do all things that need scripthookdotnet serverside.

Not possible. The scripts would need to be re-written in lua format to work server side.

So therefore it is possible just not in the state that they are in now. but if the devs said it was possible there may be away to run them on the server stream them to players but not sure how you would do that. but the devs should dffinetly work on getting that as a feature so that people can do that

You just answered your own question. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is possible, but not in the current state their in. They need to be re-written to lua.

Now how would one go about doing that?

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youll need the source code and understand how citizenfx and lua works AT THE VERY LEAST

No, they do not need to be rewritten, however you do need the script’s source code to port it to the CitizenFX.Core runtime, which is 95% compatible with SHVDN.

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a) you don’t ‘stream things to players’, the stream/ folder is only named such as it adds resources to the GTA streaming system; completely unrelated to ‘wow it gets streamed to the client!!!’.
b) it is impossible to make every SHVDN plugin that exists binary-compatible as that’d both make for massive security issues AND these scripts are typically not written with multiplayer sessions taken into account, so various things would need small changes/rewrites to work well.

Again, Cfx supports not just Lua, but also CIL and JS - and through the latter, any C++ plugin (that has source code available) can be ported to run from a server.

Do note client-side plugins were never supported on purpose, and you (the community) have typically relied on explicit bypasses to run modifications locally. The goal of Cfx is to run its own modifications and addons, not run every single plugin and mod for the regular game.

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