Scripthook Mods?


I new here so don’t yell at me XD. I just want to know if it is possible to use client or server side script hook mods or is it possible to use LSPDFR mod on here?

Thanks Guys ,

No, it’s not possible I think because FiveReborn doesn’t support RageHookPlugin or something like that.


Scripthook mods do load, but rage hook plugins don’t.

OK is there a way to load the script hook mods through server side if so how?

Thanks for quick responses,

clientsided: you would load scripthook or mods the same way as you would when playing regular game… you need an asi loader (alexander blade) and loader thing.
serversided: I dont know about that just yet… I am not a scripter nor mod maker of any kind and FiveM is so new that I dont even know if they have that info out yet

No you cant stream asi files from the server, they are able to run windows functions which can be used to infect a computer.

@kanersps like the old angry planes script^^