Scripted In-Game Browser

Hello all!

I have a question regarding scripting. Me and a friend are starting our own roleplay community for Grand Theft Auto V using FiveReborn. We were wondering if there is a way to bring up a web browser in game to a forums, etc. Basically, we have a forum for our police force where they fill out incident reports, traffic reports, etc. Is there a way for them to write a command in the chat (/mdc, etc) and for a web browser with a mouse to pop up and for our police force to go about their day writing their reports and whatnot. Thanks in advance!

-Kuba Wysota

#SteamShiftTab that might hel

Or run the game in borderless windowed mode, so you can alt tab to your browser easily.

I think he thought about an IN-GAME BROWSER (like in GTA 5 e.g. Haze Bank, Buying cars etc.)
What I understood is. He wants a Forum, that is running inside GTA 5, that you can call via the GTA Inside Browser (that, what you can open via the mobile phone)

Yeah, this is exactly how I was thinking about, thanks for clearing it up.