▶ Scott Valley Roleplay | 780+Member's Vmenu serious RP English-speaking server 18 plus lots of custom Cars/Clothes/EUP, and MLO’s. LSPD/BCSO/SASP/SAFD/DOT


Thank you for taking the time to review our server advertisement. We consistently maintain an average nightly player count exceeding 30 individuals. Our dedicated staff actively ensure that the standard of roleplay remains consistently high throughout the server experience, irrespective of whether participants assume roles in law enforcement or civilian capacities.

Moreover, our server offers a tiered system for civilians, granting access to various classes of vehicles based on their progression. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique and highly customized server environment. Every default interior has been meticulously reworked to create a distinctive atmosphere, including but not limited to gun shops, police departments, sheriff stations, fire stations, and hospitals.

Additionally, we provide an extensive array of customization options, particularly for emergency service personnel. Our selection of Emergency Uniform Pack (EUP) choices allows members to tailor their uniforms to their preferences.

Presently, our roster of 911 services includes the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), San Andreas Police Service (SAPS), San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD), and Department of Transportation (DOT). These agencies collaborate to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.

We invite you to explore our server and witness firsthand the immersive and engaging experiences we
offer. Your visit will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.


Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: Dedicated to Serving and Protecting with Excellence!

Are you in search of a steadfast law enforcement agency prioritizing community welfare? Look no further than the esteemed Blaine County Sheriff’s Office – your esteemed guardians, steadfastly committed to ensuring security and nurturing unity within our picturesque county!

Why Opt for the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office?

Community-Oriented Policing: We ardently believe in cultivating robust bonds with our populace. Our officers transcend mere enforcement; they are your acquaintances, confidants, and collaborators in fostering a secure environment for all.

Exemplary Professionalism: Our cadre comprises highly proficient and trained law enforcement practitioners unwaveringly dedicated to upholding the zenith of integrity, transparency, and service.

Cutting-Edge Fleet: The BCSO boasts a diversified fleet comprising both seasoned and state-of-the-art vehicles, affording our officers myriad opportunities for deployment.

Unwavering Vigilance: Crime knows no respite, and neither do we. Our officers stand poised round the clock, primed to address emergencies, support the community, and maintain a conspicuous presence to thwart criminal endeavors.

Community Engagement Initiatives: We extend our services beyond moments of crisis; we are perennially at your service. Our outreach endeavors encompass educational campaigns, neighborhood surveillance initiatives, and collaborative events fostering synergy between law enforcement and residents.

Are you fervent about effecting positive change? The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office warmly welcomes individuals of unwavering dedication to join our ranks. We proffer comprehensive training, avenues for career progression, and the opportunity to be part of a tightly-knit familial unit dedicated to effecting meaningful change.


Explore the array of offerings available at the Los Santos Police Department:

Customized Fleet and Attire: Immerse yourself in a law enforcement experience redefined by our meticulously crafted patrol vehicles and uniforms. Our bespoke designs not only exude professionalism but also optimize your effectiveness while on duty, ensuring you stand out while maintaining order.

Dynamic Team Dynamics: Join a cohesive unit that prioritizes camaraderie, professionalism, and collaborative effort. Within our department, colleagues transcend mere coworkers; they become integral members of a supportive family. Together, we foster an environment where knowledge is shared, challenges are confronted head-on, and our collective mission to enhance community safety is unwavering.

Inclusive Community Engagement: Embrace a culture of diversity and inclusivity within our ranks, where every individual’s voice is not only acknowledged but actively encouraged. We recognize the inherent strength in embracing varied perspectives and backgrounds, thereby fostering an environment where each member’s unique contributions are celebrated and valued.

Abundant Growth Prospects: Whether you are a seasoned law enforcement veteran or an aspiring newcomer eager to make a meaningful impact, our department offers boundless opportunities for personal and professional advancement. From specialized training programs to exciting assignment prospects, you will find ample avenues to nurture your talents and thrive within your law enforcement career trajectory.


Join the Ranks: San Andreas State Police Invites You!

Are you prepared to embark on a dynamic and fulfilling career path where each day brings fresh challenges and prospects for growth? Look no further than the esteemed San Andreas State Police (SASP), where we seek outstanding individuals like yourself to join our distinguished cadre.

As a member of the SASP, you will become an integral part of a revered law enforcement institution devoted to upholding peace, order, and security throughout the vast expanse of San Andreas. Our steadfast dedication to excellence underscores our quest for individuals who mirror our fervor for justice and community betterment.

What Sets the San Andreas State Police Apart?

Professional Advancement: Our priority lies in fostering the continuous growth and enhancement of our personnel. The SASP provides a robust array of training initiatives, workshops, and avenues for career progression.

Inclusive Community: Become part of a diverse and inclusive community that treasures individual distinctions, cultivating a supportive and synergistic workplace milieu.

Competitive Remuneration and Benefits: We believe in acknowledging and compensating diligence. Experience competitive remuneration packages, comprehensive benefits, and assorted incentives designed to bolster your welfare and professional contentment.

Meaningful Service: Effect tangible change in the lives of San Andreas’ denizens. The SASP remains steadfast in its commitment to community outreach and engagement, aiming to cultivate trust and foster safer localities.


Do you have what it takes to be a hero in the world of GTA V Roleplay? The San Andreas Fire Department is looking for passionate individuals to join our team of virtual firefighters/EMS workers and make a difference in the city of Los Santos!

Why join us?
Immerse yourself in thrilling roleplay scenarios and firefighting/EMS missions!
Collaborate with a diverse and friendly community of roleplayers who share your enthusiasm!
Develop your character’s skills, progress through the ranks, and unlock new opportunities!
Experience realistic and engaging roleplay interactions that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

What we offer:
Exciting roleplay events and emergencies that will test your bravery and skills!
A supportive and welcoming environment for roleplayers of all experience levels!
Training sessions and resources to help you excel in your role as a virtual firefighter!
Regularly scheduled patrols and missions to keep the roleplay experience fresh and dynamic!

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a virtual hero in the bustling city of Los Santos. Join the Scotts Valley RolePlay Fire Department today and let your firefighting skills shine in the world of GTA V Roleplay.


This is amazing server to be apart of you won’t regret coming to take a look.

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Awesome server with even better people! Top notch equipment, amazing content and top of the line vehicles!!! Always looking for amazing people to come join the RP!

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I appreciate the love guys! Glad to have you all along on the adventure. Hold onto your seats tho, cuz there’s lots more to come! Lets get it!!!

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THIS SERVER IS AMAZING! There’s a lot of things you can do as a citizen, police, criminal, gang, doctor and etc. I highly recommend this server you guys!

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Come take a look at this amazing server. :smiley:

I second that! Lots of new upgrades recently. Come join the fun peeps!!!


rules channel is broken in discord


We NEED Gangs and Crims! Come show our police what your made of!!!

LSPD Gang unit is the place to be.

Lots of updates recently! Many great new things to explore! Come Join the Mayhem!..

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This city is amazing!!! Has a lot to offer. Amazing interiors. Amazing people. Amazing owner, Admins, Mods. If you are looking for a city to call home. This is the place. . **

come take a look Scott Valley is amazing.