scipt dont work

hi all no scipt work i have tryed every thing

Yes, scripts aren’t supported, as they interfere with CitizenFX.Core, which is FiveReborn’s version of SHDN.

If you want to run a SHDN script on FiveReborn, ask the creator to share the code, and port it yourself. There will be documentation available for CitizenFX.Core once the project is more stable.

This reply, however, is quite ironic considering mods like GTA: Knight Rider, Drive Modes or SpeedRadar are working fine in 5R.

So, yeah, SHDN fucking CFX.Core up…? seems legit to me, YMMV. That being said, GTA:KR’s Drive to Waypoint does crash 5R often.

EDIT: What kind of shitty forum software is this even? No quote options, wtf?

working != supported and != will always work without problems

There’s a quote option just fine, you being some kind of prick who has a tendency to whine about everything they’re not used to doesn’t mean there’s ‘no quote options’.

Since you always know better though, what forum software would you suggest?

The code to disable various features with the CLR loaded only triggers in the rare cases where the CLR would crash the game. In fact, the CLR being loaded also masks any other crashes, clobbering automated crash reports.

Also, any SP-specific modifications should not be used as they’ll not handle network object control properly. CitizenFX.Core is ~90% API-compatible with SHVDNv3 as it uses the same C# code (some developer forgot to add the MIT license grant, they should be pestered) and porting code is relatively easy, if you have code in the first place, which is kind of hard with how ‘closed’ the GTA modding community tends to be.

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