scalePhone - an iFruit Phone framework

Is there a way to make the phone calling work with PMA?

with pma voice? yup. In fact, crit-phone uses pma by default, but you can also switch to mumble.

and Sxltychxt? ← I can’t write that word

I have no clue what that is, but as long as it’s not some shady resource that breaks default fivem functionality, it could probably work.

It should work. You just have to modify the connectors (if you use crit-phone, otherwise you have to code your own logic)

Hey @CritteR, did you have any idea is there any way to "play voice lines from npcs like talking from a phone call? For example when you call any service on gta online normally has this.

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If you have the audio for whatever you and the output to be, you definitely can.
How I would do it is: (using crit-phone)

  • Wait for bot to get called
  • Instead of rejecting the call, connect it.
  • On the bot event, trigger a client event to the specified client, that will simply play the voice line as a front-end sound (with this, maybe: PlaySoundFrontend - Natives @ Docs)
  • That’s all! (I think)
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Oh perfect thanks! Looks like the hardest part is to find the voice lines

Heyo :wave:


  • “scalePhone.overrideWallpaper” event added, to override all homepage wallpapers, or a specific theme’s wallpaper.
    You can use both URL or TXD/TXN. Those will be saved client-side (which means the same wallpaper can be seen on all servers that use this framework).

    TriggerEvent('scalePhone.OverrideWallpaper', _type, _theme, _imgsource1, _imgsource2)

    “clear” = clears that theme’s wallpaper override.
    “url” = Will expect a wallpaper override via URL
    “texture” = will expect a wallpaper override via TXD / TXN combination

    “all” = will show on ALL themes.
    0 = Blue
    1 = Green
    2 = Red
    3 = Orange
    4 = Gray
    5 = Purple
    6 = Pink

    _imgsource1 = Is the URL or the Texture Dictionary, depending on the type.
    _imgsource2 = only used in “texture” type, as Texture Name


    TriggerEvent('scalePhone.OverrideWallpaper', "url", "all", "")

  • “scalePhone.RegisterTextToTexture” event added to let users add more text-to-texture images outside of the framework.


    TriggerEvent("scalePhone.RegisterTextToTexture", _tag, _txd, _txn)

    _tag = the text that will be replaced with a texture
    _txd = the Texture Directory
    _txn = the Texture Name


    TriggerEvent("scalePhone.RegisterTextToTexture", "_WALLPAPER_", "Phone_Wallpaper_ifruitdefault", "Phone_Wallpaper_ifruitdefault")

    The above example will add the default iFruit wallpaper texture in any SMS / Email screen where the text “_WALLPAPER_” is shown.