This is my first script I hope you like it.

What is it?

SB-Carhud is a script that shows the speed, gear, fuel and health of the vehicle. This HUD has a responsive design and consumes few client resources.

Download: GitHub - ssergioblanco/sb-lz-carhud: CarHud for FiveM
Preview: image


Great job! Keep it up. :mechanical_arm:

Thanks a lot :heart:

you could center the velocity counter, great work :wink:

thanks, I’ll upload an update soon, I didn’t realize

Very cool, I will try it, thank you :heart:

you’re welcome

Is this hud closeable with a key or command ?

The HUD will only display if you are inside a vehicle.

I know that, i ask about if a player wants to close this when inside vehicle, can they close this hud with key or command ?

not currently, but I could create a version with what you are asking for

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thank you for interest :100:

you’re welcome, I will mention you again when I upload the other version

great work, i’ve made an edited version with the idea that has said @FRKNYRSL
you can find it here:
If the original owner wants to delete that version that i’ve made only say me and i will delete it.


nice work, don’t delete it